Obscured by Clouds (instrumental)

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"Obscured by Clouds"
Song by Pink Floyd from the album Obscured by Clouds
Published World Copyrights Ltd
Released 3 June 1972 (UK)
15 June 1972 (US)
Recorded March 1972
Château d'Hérouville, Pontoise, France
Genre Progressive rock, psychedelic rock, instrumental rock
Length 3:05
Label Harvest
Writer(s) Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Producer(s) Pink Floyd

"Obscured By Clouds" is the opening and title track to Pink Floyd's 1972 album Obscured by Clouds.[1][2]


It is entirely instrumental. The song starts with the persistent key of an EMS VCS 3, then becomes accompanied by drums and David Gilmour on guitar until the end. "Obscured by Clouds" then segues into the next song on the album, "When You're In".


These two songs were performed together live in late 1972 and usually opened shows on the 1973 Dark Side of the Moon tour. The live versions had a longer intro before the drums come in, with Gilmour's slide guitar and some bass playing by Roger Waters. At the appearance of "When You're In", an extended jam similar to "Echoes" occurs. This jam lasts until Gilmour plays a solo, which is followed by the return of the EMS VCS 3 drone that starts "Obscured by Clouds". The song ends with a reprise of the "When You're In" theme.



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