Jura Observatory

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Jura Observatory
Organization Société jurassienne d'astronomie
Code 185  
Location Vicques, Canton of Jura, Switzerland.
Coordinates 47°21′10″N 7°25′18″E / 47.35278°N 7.42167°E / 47.35278; 7.42167Coordinates: 47°21′10″N 7°25′18″E / 47.35278°N 7.42167°E / 47.35278; 7.42167
Altitude 505 m
Established 1993
Website www.jura-observatory.ch
Télescope Bernard Comte "TBC61" Cassegrain/Nasmith

Observatoire astronomique jurassien (Jura Observatory) is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Société Jurassienne d'Astronomie. Built in 1993/1998, it is located near Vicques in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland. Its IAU observatory code is 185.

On August 28, 2008, Michel Ory discovered the periodic comet P/2008 Q2 (Ory) at the observatory.

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