Grenoble Observatory for Sciences of the Universe

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The Grenoble Observatory for Sciences of the Universe (OSUG) (French: Observatoires des sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble) is a French research and higher education establishment located in Grenoble, dedicated to the study of the Earth, planets, the Universe, atmosphere and environment. It is part of Université Joseph Fourier.

Its location is on the Saint-Martin d'Hères Campus near Grenoble.

OSUG has nine research departments (600 people), whose research areas cover: geophysics, geology, planetology, astrophysics, glaciology and fluid dynamics.

Within the missions of OSUG are astronomical, seismic and geodesic surveys.


Coordinates: 45°11′39″N 5°45′42″E / 45.1942°N 5.7616°E / 45.1942; 5.7616