Zimmerwald Observatory

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Zimmerwald Observatory
Organization University of Berne
Code 026  
Location near Zimmerwald, Canton of Berne, Switzerland
Coordinates 46°52′36″N 7°27′54″E / 46.87667°N 7.46500°E / 46.87667; 7.46500Coordinates: 46°52′36″N 7°27′54″E / 46.87667°N 7.46500°E / 46.87667; 7.46500
Established 1956
Website [1]
ZIMLAT 1-meter Laser and Astrometric Telescope

Observatorium Zimmerwald (Zimmerwald Observatory) is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the Astronomisches Institut der Universität Bern (Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern). Built in 1956, it is located 10 kilometers south of Bern, Switzerland near Zimmerwald.

The 1 meter aperture ZIMLAT telescope was inaugurated in 1997.[1]

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