Obsessed by Cruelty

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Obsessed by Cruelty
Studio album by Sodom
Released May 1986
Studio Studio Hilpolstein
Genre Black metal
Length 37:48 (US version)
40:27 (EU version)
Label SPV/Steamhammer (EU version)
Metal Blade (US version)
Sodom chronology
In the Sign of Evil
(1984)In the Sign of Evil1984
Obsessed by Cruelty
Expurse of Sodomy
(1987)Expurse of Sodomy1987
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 1.5/5 stars[1]

Obsessed by Cruelty is the debut studio album by German thrash metal band Sodom, released in 1986. Two different versions of this album exist, the European and the American, which were released by Steamhammer and Metal Blade Records, respectively.


Two different versions of this album exist. The band had to record the album twice because their record company was not satisfied with the original result. The first version was recorded in Berlin, and was released on vinyl by Metal Blade Records in the United States in 1986. The second version was recorded in Nuremberg, and was released by Steamhammer Records in their home country of Germany in the same year. According to Tom Angelripper, the second recording is "completely different"[2] and features a bonus track named "After the Deluge". Destructor (Michael Wulf) played guitar on the first version, while Assator (Uwe Christophers) played on the second.


Obsessed by Cruelty was re-released together with In the Sign of Evil in 1988, containing the first recorded version, and as a picture vinyl in 2005 by Vinyl Maniacs.


The album had a major influence on then-developing black metal.[3][4] Mayhem founder and guitarist Euronymous described the early Sodom and Destruction releases as underrated "masterpieces of black stinking metal".[3] He also named his record label, Deathlike Silence Productions, after the album's second track.[4]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Sodom (Chris Witchhunter, Michael Wulf, Tom Angelripper, Uwe Christophers).

US version
Side Obsessed
No. Title Length
1. "Intro" 1:53
2. "Deathlike Silence" 5:06
3. "Brandish the Sceptre" 2:56
4. "Proselytism Real" 3:31
5. "Equinox" 3:32
Side Cruelty
No. Title Length
6. "Obsessed by Cruelty" 5:47
7. "Fall of Majesty Town" 4:01
8. "Nuctemeron" 3:00
9. "Pretenders to the Throne" 2:39
10. "Witchhammer" 2:02
11. "Volcanic Slut" 3:21
Total length: 37:48
German version
Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Intro (The Rebirth...)" 0:56
2. "Deathlike Silence" 5:18
3. "Brandish the Sceptre" 2:56
4. "Proselytism Real" 3:25
5. "Equinox" 3:36
6. "After the Deluge" 4:54
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "Obsessed by Cruelty" 5:05
8. "Fall of Majesty Town" 4:04
9. "Nuctemeron" 3:02
10. "Pretenders to the Throne" 2:37
11. "Witchhammer" 1:36
12. "Volcanic Slut" 2:58
Total length: 40:27


  • Bobby Bachinger – engineering


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