Obsession (Bob James album)

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Obsession is a digitally recorded album by Bob James from 1986. The album was Bob James' first solo album for Warner Brothers after roughly ten years at CBS. Though the album is not among his most well remembered, the title track is one of the main highlights for its engaging structure catch in which the listener is tricked by the untimely bassline.


On AllMusic, Jason Elias quoted: James' first successful Warner Brothers endeavor had him teaming up David Sanborn for the ubiquitous and well-executed Double Vision. By 12, James like many other keyboardists had begun to experiment with every gadget that came down the pike with mixed results. 'Obsession' displays the often chilly sounds of period synthesizers. The only vocal track 'Gone Hollywood' co-written by Lenny White, has good keyboard textures and plaintive vocals from Lisa Fischer and blistering guitar solos from Steve Kahn. Unlike Double Vision, Obsession seems to be more unassuming. While many might be put off by the pure-'80s production values of "3AM" and "Rousseau," luckily they have compelling arrangements to ward off boredom. The album's best song, "Rain," is a methodical and pretty track that is an essential for devotees of the often-maligned late-'80s jazz-pop era. Obsession certainly works better than 12 and is a suitable continuation of the style of early-'80s albums The Genie and Sign of the Times.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Obsession" (Micheal Colina, Bob James) - 6:04
  2. "Gone Hollywood" (Alan Palanker, Vaneese Thomas, Lenny White) - 6:11
  3. "3 A.M." (Lenny White, Bernard Wright) - 5:24
  4. "Rousseau" (Micheal Colina) - 6:01
  5. "Rain" (Bob James) - 6:53
  6. "Steady" (Bob James) - 5:41
  7. "Feel the Fire" (Gary King) - 4:32


  1. Bass – Marcus Miller
  2. Guitar – Nicky Moroch*, Steve Khan
  3. Mixed By – Ray Bardani
  4. Producer – Bob James, Michael Colina, Ray Bardani
  5. Saxophone – Andy Snitzer, Kirk Whalum, Michael Brecker
  6. Trumpet – Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker
  7. Vocals – Lisa Fischer, Renee Diggs, Sharon Bryant, Vaneese Thomas