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Obsession is a pinball game for the Atari STe and Amiga computers, made by Unique Development Studios released in 1994.

Programmers: Brunnström, Michael / Jansson, Tord / Lundqvist, Kalle / Härröd, Hans
Graphic Artists: Gustafsson, Jimmy
Game Design: Zetterberg, Peter
Musician & Sound FX: Almered, Per

Obsession is a 1-2 player game with low resolution and keyboard controls. It comes with four different types of tables: "Aquatic Adventure", "Balls 'n Bats", "Desert Run" and "X-ile Zone". Obsession was also inspired by other games such as Pinball Dreams by XXI Century Entertainment. However, by December 2, 1994 Obsession was complete and UDS had started to work on Absolute Pinball.

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