Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Line

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Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Railway line in blue colour.

The Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Line is a 525-kilometre long (326 mi)[1] railway line in northern Russia, which was built and is owned by Gazprom. It was opened for traffic in 2010 and was built for the gas fields around Bovanenkovo on the Yamal Peninsula, the Yamal project. In February 2011, it was extended to the Karskaya station, making it 572 km long.[2] The railway contains a 3.9-kilometre long (2.4 mi) bridge, the Yuribey Bridge. At Obskaya, it is connected to the Salekhard–Igarka Railway. The rail distance between Moscow and Bovanenkovo is 2,906 kilometres (1,806 mi). There are plans to extend the railway to Kharasavey making the railway 678 kilometres (421 mi) long.[3]

Most northerly railway[edit]

The railway is the northernmost railway in the world,[3] since Bovanenkovo is located at 70°22′30″N 68°40′12″E / 70.37500°N 68.67000°E / 70.37500; 68.67000, farther north than the Kirkenes–Bjørnevatn Line, traditionally seen as the northernmost. Plans to construct a more northerly railway to serve the Baffinland Iron Mine in Canada[4] have been deferred.[5] Before completion of the railway to Bovanenkovo, the most northerly railway in Russia was the Norilsk railway.


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