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LGA and town
Coordinates: 6°40′0″N 9°10′0″E / 6.66667°N 9.16667°E / 6.66667; 9.16667Coordinates: 6°40′0″N 9°10′0″E / 6.66667°N 9.16667°E / 6.66667; 9.16667
Country  Nigeria
State Cross River State
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Obudu is a Local Government Area in Cross River State, Nigeria, and a tourist hotspot.

The area features a tourist resort, the Obudu Cattle Ranch, which also hosts an annual race in the hilly surroundings – the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race. The town of Obudu is downstream from the Obudu Dam, which also provides recreational facilities.[1]


Bebi Airport is nearby.


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