Obvious (Plus One album)

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Studio album by Plus One
Released February 26, 2002
Recorded 2001
Genre Christian pop
Length 43:26
Label Atlantic
Producer Peter Zizzo
Plus One chronology
The Promise
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String Module Error: Match not found2002
Singles from Obvious
  1. "Camouflage"
  2. "Let Me Be The One"
  3. "I Don't Care"

Obvious is the second album released by Plus One. This time it included some of their own materials.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Camouflage" Walters, Cates, Kipley 2:33
2. "Use Me" Gerrard, Vice, Cole 2:46
3. "Let Me Be The One" Gerrard, Harmon, Bieck 3:36
4. "Under The Influence" Gerrard, Benenate, Cole 3:09
5. "You" Sain, Olander, Robinson 3:52
6. "I Don't Care" Combs, Cole, Tedd T. 3:31
7. "Kick Me" Combs, Cole, Mhire 3:18
8. "Going Crazy" Combs, Cole, Walters 4:21
9. "Start To Fly" Combs, Cole 4:13
10. "Calling Down An Angel" Grant, Herms, Cole, Herns 4:04
11. "Forever" Mhire, Bleck, McAfee 3:48
12. "Who Am I?" Perry, Lewis, Silas 4:15
Total length: 43:26

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This video was released on DVD. It featured the making of Obvious.

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