Occupy Berlin

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Occupy Berlin
Part of the Occupy movement
Occupy Berlin 2011 (04).jpg
Date From 15 October 2011
(4 years, 44 days)
Location Berlin, Germany
Coordinates: 51°30′51″N 0°05′57″W / 51.5141°N 0.0993°W / 51.5141; -0.0993
Causes Economic inequality, corporate influence over government
Methods Demonstration, occupation, protest, street protesters
Status Ongoing

Occupy Berlin was a collaboration in Berlin, Germany that has included peaceful protests and demonstrations against unregulated financial markets and other alleged social injustices. It began as a part of the 15 October 2011 global protests.[1] The protest began in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, United States. It has established three encampments: outside of the church Parochialkirche, in Boxhagener Platz and the biggest one on the Bundespressestrand.[2]

Occupy Berlin cooperates with similar movements throughout Germany, most notably from Frankfurt and Hamburg.

As of June 2012, Occupy Berlin had continued to engage in organized meetings, events and actions.[3]


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