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Name: Ocean
Owner: Atty & Co.
Builder: Barrick, Whitby, England
Launched: 1808
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 435,[1] 437,[2][3] 4353694,[4] or 439[5]
Length: 116 ft (35.4 m)[3]
Beam: 29 ft 9 in (9.1 m)[3]
Propulsion: Sail

Ocean was a sailing ship built in 1808 at Whitby, England, that twice transported convicts to Australia.

First convict transport voyage (1817-1818)[edit]

Under the command of Samuel Remmington she sailed from Spithead, England, on 21 August 1817, and arrived at Port Jackson on 10 January 1818.[2] She transported 180 male convicts, none of whom died on the voyage.[6]

Ocean left Port Jackson on 15 February bound for Batavia.[7]

Second convict transport voyage (1823-1824)[edit]

Under the command of William Harrison, Ocean sailed from Portsmouth on 24 April 1823, and arrived at Port Jackson on 27 August 1823.[8] She transported 173 male convicts, six of whom died on the voyage.[9]

Ocean left Port Jackson in February 1824 bound for London. While en route she encountered a large gale and she lost her live stock overboard. She also rescued the 36-man crew of the whaler Arab, before Arab sank. Ocean went to Saint Helena to undertake repairs and buy provisions.[10] She arrived in London in 1825.

In 1828 her owners changed her registration to London.[3] The Lloyd's Register for 1829 still showed Atty as her owners. It gave her master as Dean, and her trade as London-Quebec.[1]

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