Ocean Plaza

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Ocean Plaza
Ocean Plaza logo.jpg
Address176 Antonovycha Street
Opening date19 November 2012
OwnerTPS Nedvizhimost
UDP and K.A.N. Development.
Total retail floor area1,200 square kilometres (1.3×1010 sq ft)
No. of floors7

Ocean Plaza or Ocean Plaza Mall (Ukrainian: Океан Плаза ) is the second largest shopping mall and entertainment complex of Kiev, Ukraine.[1][2][3] it was inaugurated in 2012 and currently it houses 400 stores and 40 restaurants and cafes.[4][5]


Ocean Plaza was opened on 19 November 2012. Before the inauguration of the plaza, Kyiv Post reported in their newspaper that the event was the "most anticipated events for Kyiv's retail world." Right after the official inauguration, an opening celebration took place on 7 December. The mall is co-owned by TPS Nedvizhimost and Ukrainian investment and development companies UDP and K.A.N. Development.[6] Initially US$200 million was invested for the project.[1] TPS Nedvizhimost is controlled by Liliya Rotenberg (daughter of Arkady Rotenberg), Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko.[6] The company (in existence since 2004) was previously controlled by co-owner Arkady Rotenberg himself.[6] Rotenberg sr. is since 2014 on the United States and the European Union sanctions lists for allegedly attempts to destabilize Ukraine.[6] Since 2014 TPS Nedvizhimost is trying to sell its stake in the mall.[6]


The plaza contains space for more than 300 stores and 30 restaurants and cafes in approximately 165,000 square metres (1,780,000 sq ft).[1] The plaza has 7 floors and a parking area of 1600 parking lots.[7] It is the second largest shopping centre in Kyiv after Dream Town. The plaza has a 350,000-liter giant aquarium with more than 1,000 sea creatures and offers 16-meter long panoramic view. There are several multiplexes and movie theatres. Ukraine's first 7D cinema was housed in this plaza.[1][8] In 2013 Forpoint opened Ukraine's first Cinnabon cafe at this plaza.[9]


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