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Ocean Productions Inc.
Private company
Industry ADR production, Home Video, Music production, Post-production, Pre-production, Scriptwriting, Voice recording, Video production
Genre Animation, Anime
Founded 1994; 23 years ago (1994)
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Divisions Ocean Studios, Blue Water Studios

Ocean Productions, Inc. (also known as Ocean Group, Ocean Media or Ocean Studios) is a production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia produces localizations for distribution in Canada and US. Ocean has produced thousands of animation properties distributed partners and clients. Ocean also does domestic animation.

Production services include voice recording, ADR, translation, scriptwriting, and video editing for animated TV series, films and video games. A great deal of their work is produced at Ocean Studios Ltd. in Vancouver as well as Blue Water Studios in Calgary.

List of works[edit]

Ocean Studios/Westwood Studios[edit]

These series were recorded/dubbed by either Ocean Studios or Westwood Studios, which uses Vancouver-based voice actors in their productions.

Live action[edit]

Western animation[edit]

International animation[edit]


Video games[edit]

Blue Water Studios[edit]

These series have been dubbed by Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Alberta.

Western animation[edit]


Video games[edit]


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1. ^ Prior to 2003, Geneon operated under the name Pioneer Entertainment.

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