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The Bournemouth Aquarium
Oceanarium logo
Location Bournemouth, England
Coordinates 50°42′57″N 1°52′36″W / 50.715923°N 1.87673°W / 50.715923; -1.87673Coordinates: 50°42′57″N 1°52′36″W / 50.715923°N 1.87673°W / 50.715923; -1.87673
Annual visitors >225,000
Major exhibits Amazon, Key West, the Mediterranean, Abyss, Great Barrier Reef
Website www.oceanarium.co.uk

The Bournemouth Aquarium is an aquarium located on the seafront in Bournemouth, England. It offers visitors a journey around the waters of the world. 10 recreated environments include the Amazon, Key West, the Mediterranean, Abyss, and the Great Barrier Reef.

World’s First Interactive Dive Cage[edit]

The Bournemouth Aquarium is home to the world’s first Interactive Dive Cage, which submerges users in a 270-degree virtual view of the ocean. Interactive touch technology brings visitors up close to computer generated sea creatures including a dolphin, manta ray and shark through a series of animated experiences, games and challenges. It also features an amazing encounter with a blue whale that swallows the Cage, taking visitors on a journey through its digestive system.[1]

Global Meltdown[edit]

Launched in June 2008, the Oceanarium’s interactive feature, Global Meltdown, looks into the potential effects of global warming. Visitors are transported to an imagined time in the future when sea levels have risen to such an extent that tropical fish and sharks swim through the streets of London. State-of-the-art displays show visitors the effects their actions may have on ocean levels and allows them to record personal pledges to reduce their carbon footprint via a special interactive video pledge wall.[2]


A green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, at the Oceanarium Bournemouth

The Oceanarium is home to hundreds of creatures from across the globe, including: green sea turtles, clownfish, piranha, guitar fish, bass, bream, regal tang, lionfish, moray eel, pufferfish, southern stingrays, cownose rays, horn sharks, zebra sharks, red devil cichlids[disambiguation needed], upside-down catfish[disambiguation needed], spiny-tailed lizards.


The Oceanarium welcomes in excess of 225,000 visitors per year and in November 2008, the Oceanarium was announced as Tourism Attraction Experience of the Year at Bournemouth’s annual Tourism Awards.[3]

The attraction is owned by Spanish leisure giant Parques Reunidos, who operate 67 parks across the world.[4] Parques Reunidos’ UK parks comprise Oceanarium, Blackpool Zoo, and Lakes Aquarium (formerly Aquarium of the Lakes).


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