Oceania Paralympic Committee

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Oceania Paralympic Committee
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Type Sports federation
7 National Paralympic Committees
Paul Bird

Oceania Paralympic Committee (acronym: OPC)[1] is an organisation based in Sydney, Australia. It is an international organisation that congregates the 7 National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) of Oceania.


The Oceania Paralympic Committee was formed in 2006 when the Fespic Federation was divided into two separate bodies, the Oceania Paralympic Committee and the Asian Paralympic Committee (APC).[2][3]

Member countries[edit]

In the following table, the year in which the NPC was recognised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is also given if it is different from the year in which the NPC was created.

Nation Code National Paralympic Committee Created Ref.
 Australia AUS Australian Paralympic Committee [4]
 Fiji FIJ Fiji Paralympic Association [4]
 New Zealand NZL Paralympics New Zealand [4]
 Papua New Guinea PNG Papua New Guinea Paralympic Committee [4]
 Samoa SAM Samoa Paralympic Committee [4]
 Tonga TGA Tonga National Paralympic Committee [4]
 Vanuatu VAN Vanuatu Paralympic Committee [4]


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FESPIC Youth Games[edit]

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