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Oceanian Americans or Oceanian Americans are Americans whose ancestors came from Oceania.

There basically two Oceanian American groups, that well represent to the racial and cultural population of Oceania: Euro Oceanic American (Australian American, New Zealand American) and the Oceanic Indigenous of United States or Pacific Islander Americans (Chamorro Americans, Samoan Americans, etc.). The most of the Euro-Oceanian are descended of the European settlers of Oceania. While that the so-called "Pacific Islander" are of Indigenous Oceanic descent.[1]

Oceanic Americans in the 2000[2] - 2010 U.S. Census[3][edit]

Ancestry 2000 2000% of Oceanic American population 2010 2010% of Oceanic American population
Pacific Islands American 874,414 not data 1,225,195 90%
Flag of Australia.svg Australian American 78,544 not data 93,063 not data
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand American 16,628 not data 19,961 not data
TOTAL 969,586 100.0% 1,338,219 100.0%