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Oceanic Pro League (OPL)
Oceanic Pro League logo.png
Logo of the league
SportLeague of Legends
Owner(s)Riot Games Oceania
No. of teams8
(Most teams and players are from Australia and New Zealand)
Official websiteoce.lolesports.com

The Oceanic Pro League (OPL) is a professional league for League of Legends teams from Australia, New Zealand and other countries in Oceania, that was founded in 2015. The competition currently consists of 8 teams. Riot Games Oceania has YouTube Channel that is the home livestream and video for the OPL and OCS. Winner of OPL Split 1 will represent Oceania at the Mid-Season Invitational Play-in Stage, and winner of Split 2 will qualify for the World Championship.



The league was announced in February 2015, along with two other competitions: the Challenger Championship and the Oceanic Open Ladder.[1][2] The prize money for the first season of the OPL was $32,000, and the winners of the first split, the Chiefs, went to Istanbul for the International Wildcard Invitational 2015,[3] the qualifying tournament for the Mid-Season Invitational 2015, where they placed fifth, missing the chance to play in the main stage of the competition.[4]

Before the second split, the venue for the Grand Final was announced – Luna Park Sydney.[5] Tickets for the event cost A$15, and the teams competed for a place in IWCT 2015.[6] Champions of the second split, Chiefs,[7] came second at IWCT 2015 and missed the 2015 League of Legends World Championship, losing in the final to the team Bangkok Titans from Thailand with a score of 1:3.[8] In September of the same year, Team Immunity was suspended from participating in the PLA and other OPL competitions for a period of two years due to non-payment of player salaries.[9]


In January 2016 it was announced that the Oceanic Challenger Series will become a league with a seven-week season and playoffs, and the round-robin stage of will take place in a best of three format, which will stretch the game week to three days.[10] The venue for the grand final of the second split of 2016, where the IWCQ 2016 representative from Oceania will be chosen, was announced as the Courier Mail Piazza.[11]

The winners of the first split of the second season of the Oceania league were the Chiefs, winning against Legacy in the grand final with a score of 3:2.[12] The Chiefs were allowed to participate in third qualifiers for the international competition,[13] but they failed to qualify for the main tournament, taking sixth place in the group stage with three wins and four defeats.[14] The Chiefs and Legacy met again in the final of the second split, where the Chiefs were victorious with a score of 3:0.[15]


During the split 1 finals the Dire wolves reversed swept the Chiefs the end scores were 3:2. Later on the Dire wolves would go 2:4 in the Play In Stage of the mid season invitational. The split 2 finals were played at Rod Laver Arena. With Dire wolves taking the win 3:1. After Dire wolves played at the 2018 world championships but went 1:3 in the play in stage.


Year Split 1st ($16000 AU) 2nd ($8000 AU) 3rd ($4000 AU) 4th ($4000 AU)
2015 1 Chiefs Esports Club Dire Wolves Legacy Esports Team Immunity
2 Chiefs Esports Club Legacy Esports Avant Garde Dire Wolves
2016 1 Chiefs Esports Club Legacy Esports Dire Wolves Sin Gaming
2 Chiefs Esports Club Legacy Esports Avant Garde Dire Wolves
2017 1 Dire Wolves Legacy eSports Sin Gaming Chiefs Esports Club
2 Dire Wolves Chiefs Esports Club Legacy Esports Sin Gaming
2018 1 Dire Wolves Chiefs Esports Club Legacy Esports ORDER
2 Dire Wolves Chiefs Esports Club Legacy Esports ORDER
2019 1 Bombers ORDER Chiefs Esports Club Avant Gaming
2 - - - -


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