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Oceanic is a company which currently designs and manufactures sport-type scuba gear. It was founded by Bob Hollis in 1972[1] and is based in San Leandro, California, United States.


In 1972 Robert Hollis founded the parent company American Underwater Products (AUP).[citation needed] AUP now trades as Oceanic, Aeris, OceanPro, Lavacore, and Hollis, though in 2014 the Aeris line was absorbed by Oceanic. The company is now based in San Leandro, California with a worldwide distribution network.

The company started out with a dozen diving products, including the Anchor Shack’s photo line. After four years, Hollis acquired Farallon, a manufacturer in nearby Belmont. That acquisition gave Oceanic a full line of diving equipment, with a line of instrumentation products.



They developed the Phibian CCS50 and CCS100 rebreathers; Stuart Clough of Undersea Technologies developed the Phibian's electronics package. With its purpose-built training facility, Oceanic UK working closely with American Divers International, developed and delivered by both Stuart Clough and Paul Morrall training and familiarisation courses.[2][3]

They have developed military rebreathers for use by frogmen and naval work divers, for example the US Navy MK-25 and the MK-16 mixed-gas rebreather.

Data mask[edit]

Oceanic developed the first HUD style mask, which is an eyes-and-nose diving mask with a built-in LCD display, commercially known as a DataMask, capable of providing various dive data from an on-board diving computer.[4][5]

Dive computers[edit]

Oceanic manufactures several dive computers for recreational divers. [6]

  • OC1, OCi
  • VT 4.1
  • Atom 3.1
  • Geo 2.0 Wrist Computer
  • VEO 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
  • B.U.D. Back up dive computer

Wetsuit for a penguin[edit]

The company developed, in early 2008, a custom wetsuit for an alpha-male African penguin at Steinhart Aquarium who was suffering from problems maintaining core body temperature due to feather loss.[7]

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