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The Oceanic and Oriental Navigation Company, sometimes shortened to O & O, was an American shipping company that operated from 1928 to 1938. The company was a joint venture between Matson Navigation Company and the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company.

In 1927, Swayne & Hoyt Lines, a San Francisco-based shipping company, was operating the American-Australian-Orient Line cargo service with ships under charter from the United States Shipping Board (USSB). The American-Australian-Orient Line sailed between ports in the California to ports in Australia, New Zealand, and China.[1] When Swayne & Hoyt's financial difficulties hindered their operation of the USSB ships,[2] the Oceanic and Oriental Navigation Company was formed as a joint venture between the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company and Oceanic-Matson, a subsidiary of Matson Navigation Company, with each company holding a 50% stake in Oceanic and Oriental.[3] Oceanic-Matson operated the California – Australia – New Zealand routes, while the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company operated the routes to China.[2]

By 1938, Oceanic and Oriental had ceased operations.[4]


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