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This article is about the aquarium in Rotterdam, Netherlands. For the aquarium in Stralsund, Germany, see Ozeaneum.
Oceanium Diergaarde Blijdorp.JPG
Viewing tunnel at the aquarium
Date opened 2001
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates 51°55′43″N 4°26′43″E / 51.9286°N 4.4454°E / 51.9286; 4.4454Coordinates: 51°55′43″N 4°26′43″E / 51.9286°N 4.4454°E / 51.9286; 4.4454
Volume of largest tank 3,375,000 l (742,000 imp gal; 892,000 US gal)
Total volume of tanks 8,000,000 l (1,800,000 imp gal; 2,100,000 US gal)[1]
Website www.diergaardeblijdorp.nl?lang=EN

The Oceanium is a public aquarium that opened in 2001 in Diergaarde Blijdorp, a zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Oceanium lies in the expansion area of the zoo, which includes a new entrance and parking area, and was the biggest project to date for the zoo.[1] The area around the Oceanium is home to projects depicting the Americas.

The Oceanium is also home to scientific research into the conservation of coral.


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