Ocensa pipeline

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Ocensa pipeline
Location of Ocensa pipeline
Location of Ocensa pipeline
StateCundinamarca, Boyacá, Antioquia, Córdoba
Coordinates8°00′N 75°00′W / 8.000°N 75.000°W / 8.000; -75.000Coordinates: 8°00′N 75°00′W / 8.000°N 75.000°W / 8.000; -75.000
FromCusiana and Cupiagua oilfields
General information
TypeCrude oil
Total S.A.
Triton Colombia
Technical information
Length829 km (515 mi)
Maximum discharge0.65 million barrels per day (~3.2×10^7 t/a)
No. of pumping stations5
Pumping stationsStations

The Ocensa pipeline (Oleoducto Central) is a crude oil pipeline in Colombia. It starts on the Cusiana and Cupiagua oilfields and runs to Coveñas on Colombia's Caribbean coastline. It is owned by the consortium of Ecopetrol, BP, Total S.A., Petrominerales and Triton Colombia.[1][2]

Technical description[edit]

The pipeline is 829 kilometres (515 mi) long. It has capacity of 650 thousand barrels per day (~3.2×10^7 t/a).[1] The pipeline is connected with the 235-kilometre (146 mi) long ODL pipeline (Oleoductos de Los Llanos), which transports oil from the Rubiales heavy oil field in the Llanos Basin.[3]


The oil pipeline counts with the following pumping stations (info updated in 2017):

  • Cupiagua Station - 00
  • Cusiana Station - 01
  • El Porvenir Station - 02
  • Páez Station - 03
  • Miraflores Station - 04
  • La Belleza Station - 05
  • Vasconia Station - 06
  • Chiquillo Station - 07
  • Caucasia Station - 08
  • Granjita Station - 09
  • Coveñas Termina - 10


In January 2010 Pacific Rubiales Energy signed a 10-years contract to use the pipeline for transporting up to 160 million barrels (25×10^6 m3) of oil over 10 years.[4]

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