Ocho Kandelikas

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"Ocho Kandelikas" (lit. 'Eight Little Candles') is a Ladino song celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah, written by the Jewish-American composer Flory Jagoda in 1983.[1]

The song is sung in Ladino, an Old Spanish-derived language traditionally associated with the Sephardic Jewish community.[2] The song is often performed in an Argentine tango-rhythm with accompanying accordion and violins. The lyrics of the song describes a child's joy of lighting the candles on the menorah.

The song has been recorded and performed by Voice of the Turtle (appearing on their CD: Circle of Fire; Boston 1986), Erran Baron Cohen, the Portland-based lounge orchestra Pink Martini, the multilingual rock group Hip Hop Hoodios, the London-based jazz flamenco group Los Desterrados, the female a cappella ensemble Vocolot, chazzan Alberto Mizrahi, Yasmin Levy, an Israeli singer-songwriter of Ladino music, and Idina Menzel[3], an American actress, performer, singer and songwriter.


Ladino English
Hanukka linda sta aki,

ocho kandelas para mi. (×2)

Beautiful Hanukkah is here,

eight candles for me. (×2)

O — Una kandelika, dos kandelikas,

trez kandelikas, kuatro kandelikas sintyu kandelikas, sesh kandelikas, siete kandelikas, ocho kandelas para mi.

O — One little candle, two little candles,

three little candles, four little candles, five little candles, six little candles, seven little candles, eight candles for me.

Muchas fiestas vo fazer,

kon alegriyas y plazer. (×2)

Lots of parties to have,

with happiness and pleasure. (×2)

Los pastelikos vo kumer,

kon almendrikas y la myel. (×2)

Little pastries to eat,

with little almonds and honey. (×2)


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