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ochs und junior AG is a watch manufacturer in Lucerne, Switzerland, which produces mechanical wristwatches. The company was founded in 2006 by Beat Weinmann and the universal scholar and watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin[1]. Since 2012, the watch company Ulysse Nardin has been a partner in the company.[2]

Collection and differentiators[edit]

Moon phase watch from ochs and junior on a sturgeon strap

The focus of the collection is on astronomical complications (i. e. moon and sun displays) and calendar displays, including perpetual and annual calendars. In contrast to the classic watch industry, the main emphasis here is not on solutions that are as complicated as possible, but rather on mechanically elegant solutions.[3][4]

As an example, with an accuracy of 3478.27 years (after this period the display theoretically deviates from reality by one day), the moon phase display of ochs and junior is one of the most accurate in the world in a wristwatch.[5] This is realized via an epicyclic gearing with only five components including the dial.[6]

Based on purchased (ETA or Ulysse Nardin) basic movements the final product is created by adding specially developed modules. All other components such as housings or straps are also designed in-house.

Research, development and construction are carried out by ochs and junior, the parts (gearwheels, case, crown, straps, dial, etc.) are manufactured by highly specialized subcontractors, who are made completely transparent.[7]

The watches are assembled by own watchmakers in the workshop in Lucerne, which also serves as a salesroom.


The design of the watches strictly follows the function, so for example the dials are part of the movement construction. This design philosophy paired with particularly precise manufacturing leads to the complete renouncement of further finishing, such as polishing the case.[8]

Each watch can be individually designed by the customer via a configurator on the website.[9][10] Thus, nearly every watch is bespoke.

A lettering or logo is generally not used. The only exception is the branding of the logo on the inside of the leather straps.

Company size and sales channels[edit]

With six employees (the founders, three watchmakers and one employee for IT and marketing) and approx. 130 watches per year (as of December 2018)[11], ochs und junior is a niche manufacturer. The products are sold exclusively via the company's headquarters in Lucerne - on site or via the Internet.


Depending on the model and configuration, sales prices range between CHF 6,000 and approx. CHF 22,000, or even more for special requests. This puts ochs and junior watches in the upper price range of the luxury watch market segment.

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