Ocosito River

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Ocosito River
Native name (río Ocosito)
Country Guatemala
(Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu)
Basin features
Main source Guatemala
2,600 m (8,500 ft)
14°48′44″N 91°35′54″W / 14.812309°N 91.598339°W / 14.812309; -91.598339 (Sources Río Ocosito)
River mouth Pacific Ocean
14°26′09″N 92°05′37″W / 14.43580°N 92.09369°W / 14.43580; -92.09369 (Mouth Río Ocosito)Coordinates: 14°26′09″N 92°05′37″W / 14.43580°N 92.09369°W / 14.43580; -92.09369 (Mouth Río Ocosito)
Physical characteristics
Length 107 km (66 mi)
  • Average rate:
    30.2 m3/s (1,070 cu ft/s) (at Caballo Blanco)

The río Ocosito (Spanish pronunciation: [okoˈsito]) is a river in Guatemala. The river's sources are located in the Sierra Madre mountain range in Quetzaltenango. It flows southwards to Retalhuleu and then west to the Pacific Ocean. The river is 107 kilometres (66 mi) long. The Ocosito river basin covers an area of 2,035 square kilometres (786 sq mi).[1]


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