October 2005 lunar eclipse

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Partial lunar eclipse
October 17, 2005
A partial eclipse of the moon (53370600) (cropped).jpg
From Akita City, Japan, 12:21 UTC
Lunar eclipse chart close-2005Oct17.png
The moon's path through the northern edge of the Earth's umbral shadow
Series (and member) 146 (10 of 72)
Duration (hr:mn:sc)
Partial 55:58
Penumbral 4:19:49
P1 9:53:27 UTC
U1 11:35:18
Greatest 12:03:22
U4 12:31:16
P4 14:13:16
Lunar eclipse chart-05oct17.png
|The moon's path across shadow in Pisces

A partial lunar eclipse took place on October 17, 2005, the second of two lunar eclipses in 2005.


It was visible from Southeast Asia, the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand after sunset, and in the western side of North America before sunrise.

NASA chart of the eclipse

Lunar eclipse from moon-2005Oct17.png
A simulated view of the earth from the center of the moon at maximum eclipse.


Visibility Lunar Eclipse 2005-10-17.png

Relation to other eclipses[edit]

Lunar year series[edit]

It is the last of four lunar year cycles, repeating every 354 days.

Metonic series[edit]

This eclipse is the last of four Metonic cycle lunar eclipses on the same date, October 17–18, each separated by 19 years:

The Metonic cycle repeats nearly exactly every 19 years and represents a Saros cycle plus one lunar year. Because it occurs on the same calendar date, the Earth's shadow will in nearly the same location relative to the background stars.

Metonic lunar eclipse sets 1948–2005
Descending node   Ascending node
Saros Date Type Saros Date Type
111 1948 Apr 23 Partial 116 1948 Oct 18 Penumbral
Lunar eclipse chart close-1948Apr23.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1948Oct18.png
121 1967 Apr 24 Total 126 1967 Oct 18 Total
Lunar eclipse chart close-1967Apr24.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1967Oct18.png
131 1986 Apr 24 Total 136 1986 Oct 17 Total
Lunar eclipse chart close-1986Apr24.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1986Oct17.png
141 2005 Apr 24 Penumbral 146 2005 Oct 17 Partial
Lunar eclipse chart close-05apr24.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2005Oct17.png

Half-Saros cycle[edit]

A lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5.5 days (a half saros).[1] This lunar eclipse is related to two partial solar eclipses of Solar Saros 153.

October 12, 1996 October 23, 2014
SE1996Oct12P.png SE2014Oct23P.png

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  1. ^ Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Jean Meeus, p.110, Chapter 18, The half-saros

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