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Sporting seasons[edit]

31 October 2006 (Tuesday)[edit]

30 October 2006 (Monday)[edit]

29 October 2006 (Sunday)[edit]

28 October 2006 (Saturday)[edit]

  • Basketball: Red Auerbach, who coached the Boston Celtics to eight straight titles from 1959–66, dies at the age of 89. He was the team's president up until his death, winning a total of 16 championships; nine as head coach, seven in the front office. (AP via Yahoo)

27 October 2006 (Friday)[edit]

26 October 2006 (Thursday)[edit]

25 October 2006 (Wednesday)[edit]

24 October 2006 (Tuesday)[edit]

  • American football: National Football League owners approve a plan to play one or two regular-season games each year at sites outside of the U.S., starting in 2007. Game sites have not been announced but are likely to include Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and Germany. (AP via Yahoo)

23 October 2006 (Monday)[edit]

22 October 2006 (Sunday)[edit]

    • In major non-postseason news, American baseball players and owners reach a tentative verbal agreement on a five-year labor contract.

21 October 2006 (Saturday)[edit]

20 October 2006 (Friday)[edit]

19 October 2006 (Thursday)[edit]

18 October 2006 (Wednesday)[edit]

17 October 2006 (Tuesday)[edit]

16 October 2006 (Monday)[edit]

  • NFL Monday Night Football: Chicago Bears 24, Arizona Cardinals 23. The Bears remain unbeaten at 6–0, despite being down 20–0 at halftime and not scoring an offensive touchdown. Their comeback features two fumble returns for TDs and a punt return TD by Devin Hester. Neil Rackers misses a field goal with 53 seconds left that would have given the Cardinals the lead. In the postgame press conference, Cardinals head coach Dennis Green coined the phrase "They are who we thought they were!!" This quote did have meaning as both teams faced each other in the NFL Preseason. Green also gave permission for the media to "Crown the Bears Champions", in that same press conference.

15 October 2006 (Sunday)[edit]

  • Football (soccer):
    • Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Čech undergoes surgery for a depressed skull fracture suffered in a collision with Stephen Hunt during the first minute of yesterday's match at Reading. The neurosurgeon who performed the operation said that Čech may be out for six weeks. (BBC)

14 October 2006 (Saturday)[edit]

13 October 2006 (Friday)[edit]

12 October 2006 (Thursday)[edit]

11 October 2006 (Wednesday)[edit]

10 October 2006 (Tuesday)[edit]

9 October 2006 (Monday)[edit]

8 October 2006 (Sunday)[edit]

7 October 2006 (Saturday)[edit]

6 October 2006 (Friday)[edit]

5 October 2006 (Thursday)[edit]

  • World Chess Championship
    • Veselin Topalov wins the eighth game of the Championship to make it all square at 4–4. It was Topalov's first regular win, after the awarded game earlier in the tournament.
  • Fencing: 2006 World Fencing Championships in Turin:
    • The men's épée team competition is won by France, although they were almost eliminated in the round of 16 versus the Netherlands. Spain became runners-up after they lost the final versus France, while Ukraine was too strong for Hungary in the bronze medal match.
    • Russia took away the gold in the women's foil team competition. They were the better side in the final versus Italy who took the silver. Poland lost their bronze medal match versus South Korea.

4 October 2006 (Wednesday)[edit]

3 October 2006 (Tuesday)[edit]

  • Field hockey: 2006 Women's Hockey World Cup in Madrid:
    • The Netherlands's easy 6–1 win over China earns them a place in the semifinals together with Argentina and Australia who already qualified from the other pool. Three more nations are in the run for the last available spot. Spain, England and Germany will decide which team will qualify on October 4.

2 October 2006 (Monday)[edit]

  • Field hockey: 2006 Women's Hockey World Cup in Madrid:
    • Argentina's 2–0 win in group B over South Korea and Australia's 0–0 draw versus Japan in the same group are good enough to already qualify for the semi finals while there is still a match to play. The teams face each other on 4 October to decide who will be the groups winner.
  • Formula One: General
    • As of 2010 South Korea will held a Grand Prix during the Formule One season. The yet to be built circuit will be located near Cholla and will cost about €210 million.
  • Tennis: French player Anthony Dupuis is suspended by the ITF for a total of two months after testing positive to have used salbutamol. He also had to pay back his prize money worth €24.000. Dupuis states he used the substance as a medicine against his asthma. However Dupuis is suspended the ITF believes his story and only put him on hold for two months instead of two years which is a standard.

1 October 2006 (Sunday)[edit]