October 22 (film)

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October 22
October 22 movie poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Richard Schenkman
Produced by Avi Lerner
Written by Fred Golan
Music by
  • Midge Ure
  • Marcos 'Max' Vasquez
  • Josh Phillips
Cinematography Kim Haun
Edited by Donn Aron
Distributed by Millennium Films
Release date
  • November 4, 1998 (1998-11-04)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English

October 22 is a 1998 American drama film directed by Richard Schenkman and written by Fred Golan. It premiered at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival.[1]


A group of disparate patrons in a Los Angeles diner are having breakfast when a psychopath enters with a gun, holds them hostage and has a standoff with the SWAT Team.

The film then cuts to earlier that same day, showing how each character came to be in the diner. The narrative progresses non-sequentially, but working towards the moment when the gunman opens fire. Each character is shown going about their daily lives, individually revealing themes of romance, obsession and desperation.

The film climaxes back in the diner, and features a surprise twist ending.

Principal cast[edit]

Actor Role
Amanda Plummer Denise
Colm Meaney Steve
Paul Perri Police Captain
Michael Paré Gary
Ivana Miličević Debra
Mark Boone Junior Bob
Donna Murphy Carol
Ernie Hudson Arthur
Tate Donovan Peter


VideoHound's DVD Guide compared it to Pulp Fiction and The Life Before This.[2]


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