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The October 22 Group (Italian: Gruppo XXII Ottobre) was an Italian violent terrorist organization, established on 22 October 1969.

Leadership and attacks[edit]

The group was led by Mario Rossi, who received a life sentence in 1973 for killing a messenger in September 1971.[1] The group unsuccessfully attempted to bomb the US consulate in Genoa on 12 April 1970, which was the first recorded attack of the group.[2] The last officially recorded attack of the group was on 26 April 1971 when two members tried to rob a housing organization in Genoa and accidentally killed an employee.[2]

Disband and other related events[edit]

The group was disbanded in 1971.[2] The Red Brigades in 1978 demanded the release of three of the October 22 members from prison in exchange for the release of Italian prime minister Aldo Moro, whom the Red Brigades had captured and later shot.[3]


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