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The October Cherries were a late 1960s group from Singapore. The group was originally known as the Surfers, but changed their name to The October Cherries in 1968.[1] They were influenced by The Beatles, and were popular in Malaysia and the Netherlands.

Songs with strong psychedelic backgrounds included "Lay Down Your Love", "Dreamseller" and "Felicia".


The group released several albums:

  • Meet the October Cherries, recorded in 1969 was their first.
  • The second album was Dreamseller.

Two other non-psychedelic albums that followed were:

  • Funkgus I - Man with a Gun
  • Funkgus I I.

Solo albums[edit]

Solo albums by the group vocalists recorded at the Old Baal Studies in London, England were:

  • Baking Hot
  • Manhattan Skyline


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