October Faction

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October Faction
Origin Redondo Beach, California, United States
Genres Punk
Years active 1980s
Members Bill Stevenson
Chuck Dukowski
Greg Ginn
Joe Baiza
Tom Troccoli
Greg Cameron

October Faction was one of the many off-shoots of punk band Black Flag. A supergroup of SST alumni that mixed jazz and hard rock mainly as an instrumental vehicle, the band included Chuck Dukowski (SWA, ex-Black Flag) on bass and vocals, Greg Ginn (Black Flag) on guitar, Greg Cameron (SWA) on drums, Joe Baiza (Saccharine Trust) on guitar, and Tom Troccoli (Tom Troccoli's Dog and Black Flag roadie) on blues harp and vocals. Never an actual working band as much as an occasional jam band, the band released a live recording in 1985 (with Bill Stevenson sitting in for Greg Cameron, who was unable to perform but who appeared on the album's cover) and studio LP in 1986.


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