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Octomania US cover.jpg
Developer(s) Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Hyper-Devbox Japan (Wii port)[1]
Publisher(s) Conspiracy Entertainment, Idea Factory
Platform(s) Wii, Arcade
Release date(s)
  • JP August 23, 2007
  • NA March 25, 2008
Genre(s) Puzzle game
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer, Online

Octomania (Noumiso Konekone Puzzle Takoron also Sharuui * Takoron in Japan) is a puzzle game by Compile Heart and Idea Factory for the Wii. It is an enhanced version of an arcade title released in 2006 running on Sega NAOMI hardware. Hyper-Devbox Japan helped port the game to the Wii by creating libraries so that the programmers could easily just recompile the source code of the arcade game, and then add new features.[2] The game was published in North America by Conspiracy Entertainment.[3] The game was supervised by Puyo Puyo creator Moo Niitani.[4]


The player uses the Wii Remote to control a 2x2 cursor over a field of colored octopuses. Pressing the A button causes the octopuses under the cursor to rotate counter-clockwise. Numbered nets are scattered around the playing field. If the player arranges a number of same-colored octopuses under the net, the octopuses under the net, as well as any other octopuses of the same color which are connected orthogonally, are removed.

By removing octopuses in this way, the player can send sea urchins to their opponents playing field. Sea urchins can not be removed using nets, but are removed if they are orthogonal to other octopuses being removed, similar to ojama puyos in Puyo Puyo. If the player's field fills up for 3 seconds, they lose.

The game features both a single player story mode, and a multiplayer mode for up to four players. Online play is also included using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.[5]


It's just another day in Lonronpia and Kari, an apprentice magician, decides to summon up some of her favorite treat: Takoyaki! But instead of delicious Takoyaki appearing, a shower of colored Octopi rain down from the sky. A guardian angel appears and informs Kari that she must rid Lonronpia of the Octopi. Now she must embark on a journey to find the prince Exaltus. Surely he will know what to do!


  • Kari: A young, bubbly apprentice magician who loves to eat fried octopus. While at first glance, she appears clumsy and absentminded, she actually wields great magical power. At the beginning of the game, she gets a craving for takoyaki, but her magical spell turns against her and she accidentally summons countless colored octopuses. She must then go through a series of tests to rid Lonronpia of the octopuses. Her diamond effect is Urchin Vanish!, which changes all octopi and sea urchins on her grills into the same color.
  • Angelique: The guardian angel of Lonronpia, Angelique suffers from split personality disorder. While normally mild-mannered, she often quickly snaps and takes her frustrations out on whoever is closest to her. She is notoriously lazy, and has a rivalry with the prince of the demons, Exaltus. Her diamond effect is Angelic Lazy Eye, which showers three times the amount of sea urchins present on her screen onto her opponent's.
  • Exaltus: Son of the Demon King, Exaltus is an arrogant, spoiled young boy. While he gives off the impression that he is quite evil, he is actually a mama's boy. He has complete command over the OCTO (Obscure Combat and Tactical Offensive) Squad, which he uses to carry out his bidding. His diamond effect is Evil Eight, which turns all of the opponent's grill numbers to 8.
  • Dramo: Exaltus's pet dragon and member of the OCTO Squad. He uses his adorable appearance to fool others, acting friendly but really trying to play a prank on them. He has a malicious personality and is constantly scheming to overthrow Exaltus and become the king himself. His diamond effect is Mysterious Dragon Breath, which changes all the octopi on the opponent's grills into sea urchins.
  • Gobu: A goblin who is obsessed with cleaning and sterilizing anything he sees. While he is very porcine in appearance, he gets offended if anybody calls him a pig. He has the habit of ending his sentences with his own name. His diamond effect is Anti-Bacterial Cleanser Zero, which turns all sea urchins on his field into bubbles.
  • Kanizaemon: A crab who believes himself to be a noble samurai. He carries with him a katana, and has somehow grown a topknot. He practices the arts of Bushidō. His diamond effect is Crab Samurai Substitution Technique, which changes all the opponent's octopi of one color into sea urchins.
  • Funkee: A self-styled Rapper tree with a rainbow afro. He loves rap music and singing, but is not very good at it. He has a laid-back personality and dreams of making people happy one day with his music. However, despite their protests, Funkee continues to sing to those around him. His diamond effect is Two, the Magic Number, which changes all of his own grill numbers to 2.
  • Kapprio: Leader of the OCTO Squad, Kapprio is a narcissistic kappa. He spends his time gazing at himself in the mirror, and strongly believes that everyone around him is in love with him. However, he is loyal to his friends, and shares a strong bond with Prince Exaltus. His most prized possession is the rose on his head, which wilts when he is sad. His diamond effect is Kapprio Stunner, which freezes his opponent's movement for a certain amount of time.
  • Fei Fei: The class president at Kari's magic school, Fei Fei is an intelligent young girl. She prides herself on her maturity, though she acts very childish around Prince Exaltus, whom she has a crush on. She dislikes Kari for her irresponsibility, and feels that the two are rivals. Her diamond effect is Super Move Oolong Panda, which makes sea urchins rain down on the opponent's screen, depending on how full their own diamond gauge is.
  • Octobot: An incredibly powerful robot and member of the OCTO Squad. Octobot has been said to have enough power to destroy any world in the span of eight days. When he was first built, he was used as a battle robot, but eventually Octobot went unwanted and unnoticed and was left in the scrap heap. After being taken in by Exaltus, Octobot became his personal protector. His diamond effect is Octowave Jammer, which makes the opponent's cursor invisible for a short period of time.
  • Takobo: An octopus chef, Takobo comes from a different planet. He was one of the several octopuses who were summoned by Kari into Lonronpia. Takobo was told by Angelique that if he wanted to return to his world, he would have to feed takoyaki to Kari. Takobo set out on his journey to find Kari, though throughout his travels, he is mistaken for takoyaki himself. Takobo is also the mascot for Tsukiji Gindaco, a takoyaki food-chain in Japan. His diamond effect is Hyper Delicious Takoyaki-quake, which summons an enormous amount of takoyaki to create an earthquake on the opponent's screen.
  • Shadow Kari: An evil version of Kari who has escaped, Shadow Kari has great control over her magical abilities, far better than the original Kari. She wishes to replace the original Kari. Her diamond effect is Shadow Shooter, which makes the opponent's field dark for a short period of time.


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