Octopus (1998 film)

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Directed by Gou Suzuki
Produced by Murase Yuki
Yasushi Kawada
Yoko Shimokage
Hiroshi Yoneda
Starring Miyako Maeda
Kakinuma Takeshi
Kiyomi Itō
Ooki Hitomi
Music by Hasegawa Hiroshi
Kazuhiro Kunishi
Release date
Running time
92 min.
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Octopus is a 1998 Japanese horror film directed by Gou Suzuki, about a serial killer.


The main character, Shirozuki, goes insane after his wife divorces him. He then proceeds to kill her and her family members but does not stop there. He plots a massacre in the city of Tokyo. Being an incredibly brilliant former scientist, Shirozuki mutates a regular octopus to grow 20 times its size. The octopus wreaks havoc and destruction in Tokyo like Shirozuki had planned. But, towards the end, Shirozuki realizes the horrible crime he has done. Not being able to live with his guilt, he arms himself with a grenade, then throws himself in the octopus's path. The octopus eats him and explodes. The citizens of Tokyo honor Shirozuki as if he were a hero, not knowing he was only destroying the monster he created.

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