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Odagaon is located in Odisha
Odagaon is located in India
Location in Odisha, India
Coordinates: 20°00′58″N 84°59′16″E / 20.016097°N 84.987659°E / 20.016097; 84.987659Coordinates: 20°00′58″N 84°59′16″E / 20.016097°N 84.987659°E / 20.016097; 84.987659
Country  India
State Odisha
District Nayagarh
 • Type Panchayat (Indian caste government)
Elevation 32 m (105 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 36 million
 • Official Oriya
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 752081
Telephone code 06753
Vehicle registration OR-25
Nearest city Nayagarh
Literacy 70%
Website odisha.gov.in

Odagaon(Odia: ଓଡଗାଁ) is a small town in the Nayagarh district of the Indian state of Odisha. It is also known as 2nd srikhetra. It was famous for Lord Raghunath Temple.The Sriram Navami festival of Odagaon is one of the famous festival in Odisha. It is the third largest block in the district consisting of 32 Panchayats and more than 200 villages. This village is one of the many tourist places of the state. One of the main attractions of the place is the Raghunath Temple. The place is referred to as the "Second Shrikshetra" due to the presence of this temple. New Jagannath Sadak connects Odagaon with holy city Puri .

Prabhu Raghunnath


The history of this town is two folded. One assumption is that long back it was only a land of forests and there were no human civilization, until it became the connecting path to Puri, the land of lord Jagannath. After that when the king of Nayagarh established his farm house in these beautiful forests, he also kept few people as permanent residents of this place to take care of his land when the king is absent and to entertain him when he comes. Later these people started farming and other ways of earning their livelihood. This way a small civilization grew up there which with time took the modern face.

According to another story, the history of Odagaon is based on the Raghunath Temple. Before the permanent residence began in this place it was only the connecting way to Puri. One day some pilgrims discovered pictures of Lord Rama, Laxman and Devi Sita on three Neem trees while marching towards Puri. Within very few days this message traveled to all the nearest places and people started to come here. Then these people built a small temple for them and shaped those trees into the idols of Lord Rama, Laxman and Devi Sita. After this, people going to Puri were taking rest here and few priests stayed in the Temple as the servant of God. Then people started to visit this place as a religious place, so this initiated a small village around the temple. Today this area is known as the Village Odagaon. Later with the help of the Nayagarh King the present temple structure was built and also one Dharmashala (Guest house) was built near this temple for temporary stay of the pilgrims.

Places of interest[edit]

Raghunath Jeu Temple[edit]

Raghunath Temple

Odagaon is known for the Temple of Lord Raghunath Jeu, which is second to Sri Kshetra. The famous, annual festival Ramanavami Yatra is held at the temple and lasts for nine days. Festival attractions include Yatra (live stage show) and Ravan Podi.

Dutikeswar Temple[edit]

There is a beautiful Siva Temple 35 km from Nayargh on the Nayagarh-Bahadajhola, via Odagaon road. The temple was very old temple in this area, before 1980 there is a small temple, but nowadays the temple is very beautiful and there are some dharmasala for staying.

Budhabudhiani Dam[edit]

The Budhabudhiani Dam, 20 km from Nayargh district, provides nearby villages with clean water and is also used for fish farming.

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