Odani Castle

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Ruins of Odani Castle

Odani Castle (小谷城 Odani-jō?) was a Sengoku period mountain-top castle located in the present day town of Kohoku in Higashiazai District, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Only the ruins remain today. It was the home castle of the Azai clan and the mountain it was built upon was considered to be impregnable.

However, the castle fell during Oda Nobunaga's siege in the Genki and Tenshō eras (Siege of Odani Castle).[1]


Odani Castle is regarded as among Japan's Five Greatest Mountain Castles, along with Kasugayama Castle, Nanao Castle, Kannonji Castle and Gassantoda Castle. Now it is one of Japan's nationally designated historical ruins.

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Coordinates: 35°27′33″N 136°16′37″E / 35.459284°N 136.277°E / 35.459284; 136.277