Odd Jobs (webcomic)

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Odd Jobs
Author(s) Tim Broderick
Website http://www.timbroderick.net/
Launch date May 1, 2000
Genre(s) Dark humor

Odd Jobs is a darkly comedic webcomic written and illustrated by Chicago-based cartoonist Tim Broderick. Having graduated with a journalism degree from Eastern Illinois University, Broderick was one of the many artists who made a name for himself during the comics' "black and white explosion" during the mid-80s. It was during this period that he developed a story titled Riot 57, the first comic to feature his David Diangelo character. After the movement died out, however, Broderick set his story aside to become not only a husband but a father as well. And in the late-'90s, minor tragedy struck, when a flood destroyed the entirety of his artwork, Riot 57 included; he had nothing to show for his years of development. Down but not out, Tim used the support of his family to develop a series for the web. In May 2000, Lost Child became the first officially-published Odd Jobs volume, quickly gaining a loyal following and critical attention. The next two installments -- Something to Build Upon and Cash & Carry—were met similarly.[1]

Part social commentary, part film noir, the webseries centers around David Diangelo, a young man who accepts odd temp jobs to better his life in what he calls "the new economy." However, as in all crime novels/television shows/movies, the protagonist rediscovers in every volume that even a simple errand does not go according to plan.

Broderick currently continues work on the fourth Odd Jobs graphic novel, entitled Children of the Revolution.



Lost Child

Something to Build Upon

Cash & Carry

Children of the Revolution

Notes and references[edit]

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