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Odd Taxi
Odd Taxi manga cover.jpg
First manga volume cover
(Oddo Takushī)
Written byKazuya Konomoto
Illustrated byTakeichi Abaraya
Published byShogakukan
ImprintBig Comics
MagazineSuperior Dalpana
Original runJanuary 15, 2021July 22, 2022
Volumes5 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byBaku Kinoshita
Written byKazuya Konomoto
Music byOMSB
Licensed by
Mighty Media
Original networkTV Tokyo, AT-X
Original run April 6, 2021 June 29, 2021
Episodes13 (List of episodes)
Written byManabu Wakui
Kazuya Konomoto
Published byShogakukan
ImprintShogakukan Bunko
PublishedJuly 6, 2021
Anime film

Odd Taxi (stylized as ODDTAXI) (Japanese: オッドタクシー, Hepburn: Oddo Takushī), is a Japanese anime television series. Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, it tells the story of walrus taxi driver Odokawa, who converses with his customers and learns about various mysteries and oddities occurring in Tokyo, including a schoolgirl's strange disappearance that leads to him being followed by both the police and the yakuza.

The series, produced by OLM and P.I.C.S, was broadcast on TV Tokyo and AT-X from April to June 2021, and was licensed by Crunchyroll in North America and Mighty Media in Southeast Asia. Prior to its release, a manga from Shogakukan (via Big Comics) began publication in January 2021, and was serialized in its Superior Dalpana magazine till July 2022. An anime film, Odd Taxi: In the Woods, was released in Japan in April 2022.


Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, Odd Taxi tells the story of Odokawa, a 41-year old walrus taxi driver whose parents abandoned him in elementary school, leaving him generally asocial. However, he usually has conversations with other animal inhabitants who ride in his taxi on their respective journeys around Tokyo, where the series is set. Odokawa's conversations with these people unravel into a series of mysteries and acts of violence, including that of a missing high school girl. Because of the case of the missing girl, the police have been tracking leads back to him, and now he is being followed by both the yakuza and the police.


Characters of Odd Taxi. From top to bottom, left to right: Shirakawa, Homo Sapiens, Goriki, Kakihana, Odokawa, Dobu, the Daimon brothers, Yano, Mystery Kiss.
Hiroshi Odokawa (小戸川宏, Odokawa Hiroshi)
Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae[2] (Japanese); Mike McFarland,[3] Brian Timothy Anderson (young)[4] (English)
A middle-aged taxi driver walrus who often maintains a melancholic attitude. Loves to lose himself in various radio programs on and off the job.
Miho Shirakawa (白川美保, Shirakawa Miho)
Voiced by: Riho Iida[2] (Japanese); Lauren Landa[3] (English)
A young alpaca nurse at Goriki's clinic who seems cheerful but sells some of the clinic's drugs on the black market to pay off her debt. She studies capoeira as a hobby.
Ayumu Gouriki (剛力歩, Gōriki Ayumu)
Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura[2] (Japanese); Daman Mills[3] (English)
A middle-aged gorilla doctor and Odokawa's primary physician who runs his own clinic.
Eiji Kakihana (柿花英二, Kakihana Eiji)
Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi[2] (Japanese); Lucien Dodge[3] (English)
Odokawa's drinking buddy, a middle-aged white gibbon who works as a janitor and tries to pick up women through a dating app.
Rui Nikaidо (二階堂ルイ, Nikaidō Rui)
Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori[2] (Japanese); Amanda Lee[5] (English)
A toy poodle and the lead singer of "Mystery Kiss," a new idol group looking to make it big.
Shiho Ichimura (市村しほ, Ichimura Shiho)
Voiced by: Moeka Koizumi[2] (Japanese); Jenny Yokobori[6] (English)
A calico cat and one of Mystery Kiss backup singers, forced by her manager to engage in multiple "badger games" to scam money out of rich men.
Yuki Mitsuya (三矢ユキ, Mitsuya Yuki)
Voiced by: Manatsu Murakami[2] (Japanese); Kayli Mills[7] (English)
A black cat, one of Mystery Kiss backup singers, she was athletic and talented, and was about to replace Rui as lead singer before her mysterious death. It is later revealed that her real name is Sakura Wadagaki that served as a substitute for the real Yuki Mitsuya before Mystery Kiss's debut.
Kenshiro and Koshiro Daimon (大門堅志朗 / 大門幸志朗, Daimon Kenshirou / Daimon Koushirou)
Voiced by: Kōsei (older), Asei (younger)[2] (Japanese); Brandon McInnis (older),[8] Bryce Papenbrook (younger)[9] (English)
A pair of meerkat identical twins who usually work together as cops. Kenshiro, the older brother, is a cynical, crooked cop who looks the other way in exchange for bribes. Koshiro, the younger brother, has a strong sense of justice and naively trusts his older brother.
Kensuke Shibagaki (柴垣謙介, Shibagaki Kensuke)
Voiced by: Yūsuke[2] (Japanese); SungWon Cho[10] (English)
A wild boar who plays the boke (funny man) of the manzai comedy duo Homosapiens. He works part-time at a cabaret club to make ends meet while trying to make his comedy career take off.
Atsuya Baba (馬場 敦也, Baba Atsuya)
Voiced by: Atsuhiro Tsuda[2] (Japanese); Brent Mukai[11] (English)
A horse who plays the tsukkomi (straight man) of the manzai comedy duo Homosapiens. Baba finds himself shooting up in popularity and TV appearances but still thinks Shibagaki is the funnier member of their duo.
Taichi Kabasawa (樺沢太一, Kabasawa Taichi)
Voiced by: Takashi[2] (Japanese); Zeno Robinson[3] (English)
A dwarf hippopotamus college student addicted to social media, desperately in search of a picture or video that will make him go "viral" online.
Taeko Harada (原田タエ子, Harada Taeko)
Voiced by: Tomoko Murakami[2] (Japanese); Caitlin Glass[3] (English)
A female kangaroo izakaya owner who runs Yamabiko, the izakaya Odokawa and many of his acquaintances frequent.
Daichi Fukumoto (福本大地, Fukumoto Daichi)
Voiced by: Keisuke Takai[2] (Japanese); Austin Lee Matthews[12] (English)
A giant panda comedian and member of the comedy duo Bonnou Illumination with Kondo.
Shigeyuki Kondo (近藤繁之, Kondou Shigeyuki)
Voiced by: Phoenix[2] (Japanese); Chris Lewis[12] (English)
A cheetah comedian and member of the comedy duo Bonnou Illumination with Fukumoto.
Dobu (ドブ, Dobu)
Voiced by: Kenji Hamada[2] (Japanese); Patrick Seitz[13] (English)
A gelada baboon gangster and bagman under Kuroda, he suspects Odokawa is somehow involved with the missing girl case. He is a rival of Yano. His real name is Kyouhei Mizoguchi (溝口恭平, Mizoguchi Kyouhei). Dobu (どぶ) is an alternative reading of 溝, the first kanji of his name, which means ditch.
Shun Imai (今井旬, Imai Shun)
Voiced by: Kōdai Sakai[2] (Japanese); Sean Chiplock[3] (English)
A skunk who is one of Mystery Kiss's first ever fans. He has been obsessively following the group and tries to attend every concert and buy their merch when he can. He works part-time at a cabaret club and buys lottery tickets to fund his hobby.
Hajime Tanaka (田中一, Tanaka Hajime)
Voiced by: Soma Saito[2] (Japanese); Aleks Le[14] (English)
A puma who is part of a video game development team. He became obsessed with obtaining an in-game rarity, a dodo, in a mobile game to make up his past foolish mistake as a child. Becomes unhinged and declares vengeance on Odokawa after he breaks his phone and loses the dodo due to his taxi swerving in front of him.
Fuyuki Yamamoto (山本冬樹, Yamamoto Fuyuki)
Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa[2] (Japanese); Xander Mobus[15] (English)
The red fox manager of Mystery Kiss who also has an interest in the missing girl case.
Togo Sekiguchi (関口東吾, Sekiguchi Togo)
Voiced by: Chado Horii[2] (Japanese); Chris Tergliafera[12] (English)
A tracksuit-wearing polar bear member of the yakuza, who acts as Yano's bodyguard
Shigeru Kuroda (黒田茂, Kuroda Shigeru)
Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda[2] (Japanese); Bob Carter[16] (English)
A tapir yakuza boss who oversees Dobu and Yano.
Kanon (花音, Kanon)
Voiced by: Amane Shiomiya[2] (Japanese); Kayli Mills[12] (English)
A tabby cat freelancer and aspiring idol.
Reina (玲奈, Rena)
Voiced by: Chika Kagura[2] (Japanese); Maureen Price[17] (English)
A rabbit freelancer and follower of Kabasawa.
Haruhito Yano (矢野治人, Yano Haruhito)
Voiced by: METEOR[2] (Japanese); Darius Johnson[18] (English)
A porcupine that is Dobu's rival in the same yakuza syndicate. He always speaks in rhymes as if rapping instead of talking.
Satoshi Nagashima (長嶋聡, Nagashima Satoshi)
Voiced by: Mahiro Takasugi (Japanese); A.J. Beckles[19] (English)
A giraffe high-school student who is an obsessive fan of Homosapiens, writing them letters almost every week. Satoshi also runs his own amateur podcast.



The anime television series aired on TV Tokyo and AT-X in Japan from April 6 to June 29, 2021. It is directed and storyboarded by Baku Kinoshita and written by Kazuya Konomoto while Konomoto and Hiromi Nakayama designed the characters.[20] The music for the series is composed by OMSB, PUNPEE and VaVa. The series' first 4 episodes had an advanced screening on March 20, 2021 featuring the cast of the series, while a special digest version of those episodes was also streamed online. Singer-songwriter Skirt and rapper/DJ PUNPEE performed the series' main theme "Odd Taxi", while Suzuko Mimori performed the series' ending theme song "Sugarless Kiss".[21][22] Crunchyroll streamed the series in North American territories.[23] Mighty Media has licensed the series in Southeast Asian territories.[24]

The production committee originally had no plans to release a Blu-Ray Box set, but due to audience demand, it was announced that a Blu-Ray boxset will be released if at least 300 pre-orders would be made during a pre-order campaign.[25] Pony Canyon reported that at least 500 pre-orders were made at a cost of 27,500 Yen ($USD246).[25]

On October 28, 2021, Crunchyroll announced that the series will receive an English dub, which was originally set for release on January 16, 2022.[3] However, it was rescheduled for a release on February 14 instead.[26]

Episode list[edit]

No.Title [27][a]Director [b]Animation director [b]Chief animation director [b]Original air date [29]
1"The Eccentric Driver"
Transcription: "Kawari Mono no Untenshu" (Japanese: 変わり者の運転手)
Sayaka YamaiMiyō Ōno, Yukie Kinoshita,
Aoi Yamato
Shinobu ŌkawaApril 6, 2021 (2021-04-06)[c]
A walrus named Odokawa wakes up from a nightmare in his taxi as he gets back to his shift, listening to the radio while searching for customers. His next fare is a hippo named Kabasawa who takes a selfie with him to go viral on social media. A pair of cops, the twin Daimon brothers, pull Odokawa over and ask if he knows the whereabouts of a criminal named Dobu, Odokawa denies it. After his shift, Odokawa talks to someone in his home through a closed door, though they do not respond. The next day, Odokawa pays a visit to his doctor Gouriki. The elder Daimon sees Odokawa leaving the clinic and takes the SD card from his dash camera, threatening him not to tell anyone else. Later that day, Kakihana lies about his income on a dating app, hoping to find a woman. Gouriki gets a call from a nurse informing him that someone has been stealing drugs from the hospital, with his own nurse Shirakawa suspected. Meanwhile, Shirakawa gets into Odokawa's taxi, and Dobu gets an SD card handed to him by the elder Daimon.
2"How To Spend a Long Night"
Transcription: "Nagai Yoru no Sugoshikata" (Japanese: 長い夜の過ごし方)
Ken'ichi NishidaYukie Kinoshita,
Aoi Yamato
Hiromi NakayamaApril 13, 2021 (2021-04-13)[c]
Odokawa and Shirakawa talk about their respective pasts with each other, and end up exchanging phone numbers at the end of the taxi ride. Kakihana gets a match on his dating profile with a young woman named Shiho, who happens to be a backup singer with a new idol group called Mystery Kiss. After their latest concert, the lead singer Rui notices their group seems to be having trouble gaining more attention, and confides in her superfan Imai about it. Despite Imai's suggestions, Rui is shackled by the demands of her management. Imai ends up taking a ride in Odokawa's cab, and manages to scam him into a ride despite barely having money after buying lottery tickets and merch for Mystery Kiss. Odokawa's next fare is a pair of comedians, Baba and Shibagaki, who end up fighting in the backseat over their partnership, though Odokawa finds it amusing. Baba suddenly gets a call to appear on a daytime show without Shibagaki. After dropping them off, Dobu enters the cab, holding Odokawa at gunpoint from the back seat.
3"Beware of Borrowed Plumes"
Transcription: "Tsukeyakiba ni Go-yōjin" (Japanese: 付け焼き刃に御用心)
Mayu NumayamaHitomi Kōno,
Takayuki Shimura
Shinobu ŌkawaApril 20, 2021 (2021-04-20)[c]
At the sauna, Kakihana accidentally overhears a phone call between Yakuza lieutenant Kuroda and Dobu about the missing girl case. Later, Dobu tries to blackmail Odokawa into giving up information on the girl and who might have kidnapped her, but Odokawa refuses to play along. Odokawa tries to get the police's attention, but only gets the elder Daimon, who dismisses them both. Finally, Odokawa decides to work with Dobu when he threatens to harm Shirakawa. When Dobu leaves, Odokawa realizes he is very late for his date, almost hitting a pedestrian as he speeds towards the nearby park. Odokawa and Shirakawa meet at the park and watch the sun rise while talking to each other. Later that day, Shirakawa notices that Gouriki didn't show up at his clinic, and Kakihana meets with Shiho for a date, unaware that they are being tailed by two other individuals.
4"Tanaka's Revolution"
Transcription: "Tanaka Kakumei" (Japanese: 田中革命)
Hideaki ŌbaKazuyuki Toshida,
Aki Yamagata
Hiromi NakayamaApril 27, 2021 (2021-04-27)
A puma named Tanaka who works at a game development company goes over his life story: He spent 100,000 Yen from his father's credit card in an online auction for a unique Donraku eraser that never arrived to feel special in his class. Tanaka's peers moved on from collecting erasers and his dad beat him after discovering the charge on his credit statement. After growing up and joining the game dev company, Tanaka got addicted to a mobile online game called Zooden, spending large sums of real money to try and get the incredibly rare Dodo bird in the game. One evening, Tanaka finally acquires his long-sought Dodo, until a cab driven by Odokawa nearly hits him while he celebrates. As the cab swerves out of the way, Tanaka accidentally drops his phone in a nearby ditch, and after getting it repaired, discovers the game didn't register his Dodo before it died. Tanaka falls into despair, wandering home, then heading to a nearby park to bury his now-dead cockatiel. However, while digging up some dirt to bury the bird, Tanaka discovers the gun that Dobu buried earlier. Later, after seeing Odokawa pass by in his taxi, Tanaka snaps and decides to use the gun to get revenge on him.
5"Don't Call Me an Idol"
Transcription: "Aidoru Nante Yobanai de" (Japanese: アイドルなんて呼ばないで)
Shigeki AwaiWanqian Xie, Tsutomu Ōno,
Chihaya Tanaka
Hiromi NakayamaMay 4, 2021 (2021-05-04)
Yamamoto uses Odokawa's taxi to pick up various members of Mystery Kiss for practice. As Odokawa drops Yamamoto off at his office, he lets slip that he dropped off another girl near the office two weeks ago. Yamamoto offers to buy Odokawa's dashcam data off him, but he refuses to sell it at that time. Meanwhile, Odokawa is unaware that Tanaka is tailing him in another cab to find out where he lives. Later that night, Gouriki shares some tea with Odokawa and announces he's planning to close his clinic for a while, as he's afraid of being blamed for the hospital's missing drugs even if Shirakawa is the culprit. Next, Odokawa is called by Dobu. During the ride, Dobu confirms that Shirakawa was stealing drugs and selling to him to pay off her loans, but her meeting with Odokawa was entirely separate from that. In return, Odokawa tells Dobu about Yamamoto. Meanwhile, Kakihana goes out on a date with Shiho at a fancy restaurant. Shiho looks through her phone and shows Kakihana a picture of Imai supposedly winning the lottery, and Kabasawa making a viral video swearing to hunt down Dobu after he appeared in his last selfie. Kakihana pays for the meal in cash, as a dropped receipt shows he took out a loan to keep up his facade of being rich for Shiho.
6"Let Me Hear You Say, "What the Hell?""
Transcription: "Nandeyanen ga Kikitai yo" (Japanese: なんでやねんが聞きたいよ)
Ken'ichi NishidaTetsurō Taira,
Hitomi Kōno
Shinobu ŌkawaMay 11, 2021 (2021-05-11)
Imai shares with Odokawa that using his "lucky numbers" from his last cab ride got him a winning lottery ticket, so he decides to treat him to a free VIP session at the cabaret club where he works part time. However, Odokawa feels out of place in the club, and is forced to flee when a masked gunman shows up. Shibagaki, who also works at the club part time, manages to distract the gunman and almost gets himself shot for the trouble. Elsewhere, Kakihana takes out another loan. Later that night, Shirakawa finally tells Odokawa the truth: that she was in debt to Dobu for four years and still owes him 3 million Yen due to extortionate interest. She initially approached Odokawa as Dobu hoped to use him as a getaway driver in a future bank heist, but Shirakawa claims she soon developed genuine feelings for him instead. Odokawa leaves her, not wanting to get involved any further. However, the next day, Dobu meets Odokawa in his taxi again, complaining that Kabasawa's viral videos are making life difficult for him. Dobu offers to find the shooter and restore Goriki's clinic if Odokawa will help him find Kabasawa. Odokawa adds a condition that Dobu cancel the rest of Shirakawa's debt, and Dobu agrees. Meanwhile, Baba has a packed schedule full of TV shoots and is in a secret relationship with Rui, while Shibagaki has trouble setting up a practice time for their comedy routine.
7"Trick or Treat"
Transcription: "Torikku oa Torīto" (Japanese: トリック・オア・トリート)
Mayu NumayamaTakayuki Shimura, Aoi Yamato,
Yukie Kinoshita
Hiromi NakayamaMay 18, 2021 (2021-05-18)
After being unable to find Kabasawa, Odokawa returns home to find someone shot a bullet through his window. Odokawa gets the attention of the younger Daimon brother with the shell casing and tries to get his help to arrest Dobu. The younger Daimon agrees, but still suspects Odokawa of hiding the Nerima missing girl in his house despite Odokawa's flat denial. Daimon gets called away to deal with a dead body before he can search Odokawa's room. Meanwhile, Kakihana spends the evening hiding out from the loan shark's henchmen. When they leave, Kakihana meets with Shiho but gets knocked out by Yamamoto. Elsewhere, Shirakawa confesses to Gouriki about her work with Dobu, and Gouriki asks for her help to save Odokawa. During Shibuya's Halloween festival, Odokawa accidentally runs into Yano before meeting with Dobu in hopes of flushing out the skull-masked gunman and Kabasawa. Odokawa and Dobu follow a skull-masked man but discover it's the wrong person as Kabasawa tapes the scene from his phone, then flees before they can catch him. Across town, Yano begins his work torturing Kakihana.
8"Bless you"Sayaka YamaiAki Yamagata, Kazuyuki ToshidaShinobu Ōkawa, Ryō SatōMay 25, 2021 (2021-05-25)
After torturing Kakihana, Yano realizes that he doesn't have any real money. Meanwhile, Odokawa and Dobu plan their next move when he receives a call from Yamamoto to take Shiho and himself to a warehouse at the harbor. Dobu gets Odokawa to make a billion Yen offer to Yamamoto to judge his reaction, which he does after picking up Yamamoto and Shiho, then drops them off at the harbor. Shiho demands to be let out of the "badger game" of seducing rich men for money, and tells Kakihana their relationship was fake, though Kakihana refuses to believe her. Meanwhile, Gouriki invites Odokawa out for a drink, and tries to find out the source behind his apparent synesthesia. They try to invite Kakihana, but he's still tied up with Yano, Sekiguchi, and Yamamoto watching over him. After Yano hears about the billion Yen offer, he suspects that Dobu is involved somehow, and plans to make use of Kakihana. Later, Odokawa secretly tapes Dobu admitting that he plans to rob the winning lottery ticket holder when he goes to withdraw his winnings from the bank, and that the older Daimon brother is in his pocket. He sends the evidence to the younger Daimon, then tries to convince Imai to retract his social media post about the lottery ticket to pretend he didn't win to save him from being mugged. While chatting with Imai, Odokawa realizes what really happened to Kakihana.
9"The Hero's Melancholy"
Transcription: "Hīrō no Yūutsu" (Japanese: ヒーローの憂鬱)
Ken'ichi NishidaMiyō Ōno,
Yukie Kinoshita
Hiromi NakayamaJune 1, 2021 (2021-06-01)[c]
Odokawa tries to get the younger Daimon's help but Daimon is reluctant to arrest his older brother or pursue Dobu outside of his jurisdiction. Later, Odokawa tries to get Dobu's help to rescue Kakihana, while sending a message to Kabasawa to meet Dobu at that same location, as Kabasawa starts to have regrets about his sudden online fame. While Odokawa is driving Dobu, the masked gunman tries to trying to kill Odokawa again while driving a white van. Odokawa manages to lose him and heads towards the harbor. As Dobu gets in a fight with Sekiguchi, Odokawa rescues Kakihana. Dobu is shot in the leg by an unseen assailant just as Kabasawa shows up to take credit, but Dobu quickly subdues Kabasawa and forces him to give up his social media accounts and money as payback for stirring an online crusade against him. Later, Gouriki pays a visit to Odokawa's home and instead finds his landlady, who mentions that Odokawa has been supported through childhood through a mysterious foundation who paid for his rent and basic necessities after a tragic accident. However, Odokawa insisted on making money to pay the rent himself when he got older, and asked the landlady to return the extra money. She then reveals to Gouriki that both of Odokawa's parents are dead.
10"We Have No Tomorrow"
Transcription: "Oretachi ni Asu wa nai" (Japanese: 俺たちに明日はない)
Rokusuke OkimitsuReiko Arai,
Sayuri Kuroda
Shinobu ŌkawaJune 8, 2021 (2021-06-08)
Satoshi demands Shibagaki team up with him after Homosapiens loses the comedy competition, but Shibagaki refuses. Imai posts a fake lottery ticket on his social media to throw off the Yakuza, but Yano quickly sees through the ruse and continues his plan to rob him. Sekiguchi uses context of Imai's older posts and online listings to pinpoint his current home. Meanwhile, Yamamoto tries to bargain with Odokawa again for his dashcam data. Odokawa tries to loop Yamamoto in his own scheme to take down Yano and Dobu, but Yamamoto tries to strangle him to death, until Shirakawa appears and rescues Odokawa at the last minute. With Yamamoto tied up, Odokawa finally gets him to help take down Yano in exchange for saving Mystery Kiss from being involved in the controversy. Later, Dobu goes over the final points of his heist plan with Odokawa. After he leaves, Odokawa goes over his own twists of the plan with Yamamoto, Imai, and the younger Daimon individually. Then Odokawa goes to the sauna, where he meets Kuroda, who believes he is probably not the kidnapper of the missing Nerima girl and questions his motivation for acting as he does. Meanwhile, Gouriki continues investigating Odokawa's past. When the news reports that the dead body from a couple months ago was identified as Mystery Kiss member, Yuki Mitsuya, Odokawa mutters, "it's not her."
11"If We Could Go Back to That Day"
Transcription: "Ano Hi ni Modore Tara" (Japanese: あの日に戻れたら)
Hideaki ŌbaHitomi Kōno,
Tetsurō Taira
Hiromi NakayamaJune 15, 2021 (2021-06-15)[c]
Rui reflects on her recent past, how her good looks got her through an audition to star in Mystery Kiss and how she kept feeling inferior despite being appointed the leader by Yamamoto, due to Yuki being better than her in various other areas. One day, after demoing for another producer, the man decided to make Yuki the leader. Rui called Yuki to meet with her in Yamamoto's office to convince her to relinquish the lead spot, or kill her if she refused, but she arrived to find Yuki already dead. Rui and Yamamoto worked with Yano to dump Yuki's body in the harbor and replace her with another girl who looked similar, but Yuki's body was found in the present. The reprecussions echo across the area as Mystery Kiss is forced to hold a press conference apologizing for the real Yuki's death, Dobu fears that his heist plan might be undone, and Imai becomes depressed that Mystery Kiss Christmas special might not happen. Meanwhile, Baba abruptly decides to end his partnership with Shibagaki on the day of their loser's bracket performance. On the press conference about Yuki's death, Yamamoto admits to replacing Yuki with Sakura when she went missing, and reveals that Yuki's father is famous comedian Donraku. As Yano and Sekiguchi drive to the bank with Imai, Dobu watches them from a nearby van, and the elder Daimon pays a visit to Odokawa. Elsewhere, Gouriki continues digging into Odokawa's past, learning that his parents died when their van crashed into the river as a double suicide, and Odakawa swam to safety on his own.
12"Not Enough"
Transcription: "Tarinai Futari" (Japanese: たりないふたり)
Mayu NumayamaAoi Yamato,
Takayuki Shimura
Shinobu Ōkawa,
Ryō Satō
June 22, 2021 (2021-06-22)
Dobu's "Odd Taxi" plan goes into action as Yano's van is packed full of suitcases with fake money while Dobu gets the remaining nine cases of real money from the bank. Meanwhile, Homosapiens comes out on stage to do a routine but Shibagaki breaks down halfway through and starts yelling at Baba. The Older Daimon pulls over Yano and Sekiguchi while letting Imai go, only for Yano to discover that most of the crates were fake and the Older Daimon is working with Dobu, as Dobu takes the last crate full of real money from Yano and speeds off to meet with Odokawa and collect the rest. Odokawa drives into the parking lot where he spots Tanaka holding Dobu's gun, but Dobu is unfazed, claiming that Tanaka already used up his bullets. Having been burnt out from his quest for revenge, Tanaka demands an apology from Odokawa, when a unique eraser falls from Odokawa's pocket. Tanaka recognizes it as the same eraser he bet on as a kid, and finds out that Dobu is the same "Ditch-11" that scammed him out of 100,000 yen and tops the Zooden leaderboards. Tanaka then shoots Dobu before running off in panic. Odokawa leaves Dobu behind and prepares to leave the money for Imai, when Yano and Sekiguchi try to run him down in a cop car they hijacked from the older Daimon. Meanwhile, the younger Daimon finds his older brother beaten on the side of the road, as he swears to arrest everyone involved.
13"Where To?"
Transcription: "Dochira Made?" (Japanese: どちらまで?)
Sayaka YamaiMiyō Ōno, Aki Yamagata,
Kazuyuki Toshida
Hiromi NakayamaJune 29, 2021 (2021-06-29)
The highway chase ends with Odokawa's taxi running off the bridge and plummeting to the river. Somehow, all the major characters end up on the shore to witness it. Goriki picks up Shirakawa on the way to the harbor and tells her the truth - Odokawa has been suffering from a mental condition called "visual agnosia", caused by executive dysfunction. In flashbacks it is revealed the inhabitants of this world are not talking animals, but humans - Odokawa, a shy introvert child abused by his alcoholic neglectful parents, always felt closer to animals than humans. After the murder-suicide when his mother attempted to drown all of them in a car, he developed this condition to see everyone as various animals. Shirakawa dives in after Odokawa and saves him - after he wakes up, he sees everyone as humans again and slowly gets used to reality. Meanwhile, Rui is arrested on suspicion of murdering Yuki, with Yano, Yamamoto and Sekiguchi arrested as accomplices in hiding the body. It is revealed the younger Daimon was the one who shot Dobu in the leg in episode 9, which is why Dobu assumed Tanaka has used up all his bullets. Imai shows up in the hospital, giving the 100 million yen saved from the river to Odokawa. Odokawa visits Kuroda in the sauna, realizing he has been the one supporting orphaned children, and gives him the money. Odokawa goes home and we learn the mysterious person living in his cupboard was a real cat - while he suffered from visual agnosia, he couldn't tell the difference between a cat and a person. During the end credits we see what happened to most of the other characters - Baba and Shibagaki renew their partnership, Kakihana finds a job and works off his loans, Kabasawa stops relying on social media fame and tries to find work, Dobu and elder Daimon go to jail, and Tanaka deletes Zooden from his phone and resumes his job. In the closing montage, it is revealed that it was Sakura, the 4th in line in the Mystery Kiss auditions, who killed Yuki so that Yamamoto would hire her. The episode ends with Sakura entering Odokawa's taxi after she had been looking for him in order to tie up loose ends.

Audio drama[edit]

An audio drama ran concurrently to the anime, being uploaded on the anime's official Youtube channel, with the first episode released on April 6, 2021. The drama follows conversations between characters transmitted from a bugged pen which is shown throughout the series.


A manga adaptation by Kazuya Konomoto and illustrated by Takeichi Abaraya began serialization on Shogakukan's Superior Dalpana digital manga site on January 15, 2021 and ended on July 22, 2022.[2] It was collected into five volumes.

No. Release date ISBN
1 March 30, 2021[30]978-4-09-861014-3
2 June 30, 2021[31]978-4-09-861089-1
3 November 30, 2021[32]978-4-09-861192-8
4 March 30, 2022[33]978-4-09-861294-9
5 July 29, 2022[34]978-4-09-861385-4


A novel adaptation by Manabu Wakui, based on Kazuya Konomoto script, was released on July 6, 2021. The novel is a retelling of several key moments of the anime from the point of view of different characters.


On December 25, 2021, an anime film adaptation titled Odd Taxi: In the Woods was announced.[35] The cast and staff from the series returned to reprise their roles. It was released in Japan on April 1, 2022.[36]


Episode 6 featured the special ending theme 壁の向こうに笑い声を聞きましたか (Kabe no Mukou ni Waraigoe wo Kikimashita ka, Did you hear the laughter beyond the wall?) by Japanese singer Tony Frank.[37]

METEOR, the voice actor for Yano, released an album titled 2019 under the SUMMIT label that features compositions from the perspective of his character.[38]

Other media[edit]

A Twitter account was set up prior to the show's release featuring tweets written by hippopotamus character Kabasawa Taichi throughout the show's events under the handle @kbsw_t. The most popular post under the handle was posted on October 10, 2020, and features a selfie between the protagonist Odokawa and Kabasawa, with the tweet attracting attention in April when the episode aired in Japan.[39]


Odd Taxi was listed by The New Yorker's "Best TV of 2021" list as an honorable mention. Reviewer Doreen St. Félix stated that the show's "noir humor ... made [her] feel crazy—in a good way".[40][41] The show was named as the best anime of the year by IGN, describing Odd Taxi as "a fascinating mystery drama with incredible writing, deeply developed and memorable characters, and a unique art style that stands out".[42] Austin Jones and Reuben Baron listed Odd Taxi as the "Best New Anime Series" of 2021 in Paste, describing the show as "one of the best anime of recent years, and unlike anything else out there right now" remarking on the "banter between the cast’s characters [revealing] a deeply human view of modern life".[43]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2021 IGN 'Best of' awards Best Anime Series of 2021 Odd Taxi Won [42]
Ursa Major Awards Best Dramatic Series Nominated [44]
2022 6th Crunchyroll Anime Awards Anime of the Year [45][46]
Best Boy Odokawa
Best Protagonist Won
Best Antagonist Yano Nominated
Best Director Baku Kinoshita Won
Best Character Design Baku Kinoshita and Hiromi Nakayama Nominated
Best Score PUNPEE, VaVa, and OMSB
Best VA Performance (JP) Natsuki Hanae as Odokawa
Best Opening Sequence "ODDTAXI" by Skirt and PUNPEE
Best Comedy Odd Taxi
Best Drama
Japan Media Arts Festival New Face Award Won [47]


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