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Odenplan with its subway entrance, the Gustaf Vasa Church, and still standing Christmas tree. January 2006

Odenplan is a plaza located in the district Vasastaden in central Stockholm, Sweden, named after the old Norse god Odin. The Odenplan metro station, opened in 1952, is located here. A current expansion project, started in 2006 and due for completion in 2011, will make the plaza one of Stockholm’s largest public transportation hubs. As of 2013, the project is still not finished. Odenplan was part of an experiment where the stairs were replaced with large piano keys. Over 60% more people used the stairs than the escalator.

Odenplan was portrayed in the 1976 thriller film The Man on the Roof, in which a helicopter crashes in the plaza. It also appears in the opening credits to the 1999 film Vuxna människor.

Stockholm Public Library is located nearby.

Coordinates: 59°20′34″N 18°02′59″E / 59.34278°N 18.04972°E / 59.34278; 18.04972