Odeon theater (Amman)

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Amman's Odeon next to the much larger Roman Theater
View of the Odeon from afar

The Odeon is a small 500-seat theatre in Amman, Jordan. Not to be confused with the large Roman Theatre that stands right next to it, on the southern side of the Hashemite Plaza, while the Odeon stands on the east side of the Plaza.


Archaeologists have speculated that the Odeon was most likely closed by a temporary wooden roof that shielded the audience from the weather.[1][2][3]


The building is a Roman odeon, built in the 2nd century CE, at the same time as the Roman Theatre next to it.[1][3][2]

The Odeon was recently restored along with the nearby Nymphaeum fountain.[1][3][2]

Modern use[edit]

The Odeon is used nowadays for concerts, the most popular being the annually held Al-Balad Music Festival.[1][3][2]


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