Oderisio di Sangro

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Oderisio di Sangro (died on August 30 of an uncertain year, probably 1137) - Italian Benedictine and cardinal, of the family of the counts of Marsi. He joined the order of St. Benedict at the abbey of Montecassino at a young age. About 1112 Pope Paschalis II created him cardinal-deacon of S. Agata; as such, he participated in the papal election of 1118. In 1123 he was elected abbot of Montecassino. Three years later he was deposed as abbot due to personal conflict with Pope Honorius II (1124–30). After the double papal election of 1130 he joined the obedience of Antipope Anacletus II and subscribed his bulls issued on February 8, 1131, and on March 10 of an uncertain year (1135–37).