Odes of Ecstasy

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Odes of Ecstasy
Odes of Ecstasy'
Background information
Origin Greece
Genres Symphonic death metal, progressive metal
Years active 1993–present
Labels The End Records, Independent
Members Christina Maniati
Nikos Baltas
Giannis Fasoulakis
Giorgos Pagidas
Nikos Simigiannis
Irini Tsiklou
Past members See former members


Odes of Ecstasy is a [Greece|Greek] Heavy Metal band formed in November 1993 in Athens by Dimitris Bikos Guitar and Iosif Nikou Bass (ex- Nocturnal Howling).

They are one of the first Symphonic Death Metal band with female vocals! In 1994, Dimitris Panayiotidis joined the band on guitar, and in December 1995 they released a promo tape containing one song, "Theogony."

In the summer of 1996 they recorded their first demo, Atheistic Emotions, which featured vocals by Christina Maniati. The demo includes three atmospheric symphonic death metal songs, a cover of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid," and an ambient tune with only female vocals, keyboards, and electric guitars. The specific release was announced as the "Promo of the Month by the Greek Metal Hammer magazine.[citation needed] Following the release of the demo, Dimitris Panayiotidis left the band for military service and was replaced by Nikos Baltas.

In 1997, they released a single-song promo entitled Words of Insanity, which gave them the opportunity to sign with the American label The End Records, which released their first official album, Embossed Dream in Four Acts. The sound of this album is best characterized as death metal featuring brutal male and operatic female vocals, and influences from classical music. The second release of the band came in 2000, Deceitful Melody.

After that, the band came to a standstill for several years due to many line-up changes, caused mainly by the obligatory military service of some of the band’s members. In 2004 the band formed again with a new line-up and a different musical orientation. The band played several shows to promote the news songs from their upcoming release, the self-titled Odes Of Ecstasy promo (2006) which had five songs. A full album was finished in October 2007.

YouTube links:

One with the Darkness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAd6_3XS0Mo&list=PL7A7FD86EA83311DC&index=8

The Floating City of Sun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCn7sjKMgqo&list=PL7A7FD86EA83311DC&index=11

Band members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Iosif Nikou - bass
  • Dimitris Bikos - vocals, guitar
  • Savvas Dandoulakis - keyboards
  • Christina Maniati - vocals
  • Irini Tsiklou - keyboards
  • Giannis Fasoulakis - backing vocals, guitar
  • Giorgos Pagidas - bass
  • Dimitris Panayiotidis - guitar

Current members[edit]

  • Nikos Baltas - vocals, guitar
  • Nikos Simigiannis - drums


  • Theogony (Promo, 1995)
  • Atheistic Emotions (Demo, 1996)
  • Faithless/Never Again (Split with Nocturnal Howling, Daimonion, 1997)
  • Words Of Insanity (Promo, 1997)
  • Embossed Dream In Four Acts (Album, The End, 1998)
  • Deceitful Melody (Album, The End, 2000)
  • Odes Of Ecstasy promo (2006)
  • Odes Of Ecstasy (2007)