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Odessa is the third largest city in Ukraine.

Odessa may also refer to:





United States[edit]





  • "Odessa", by American rapper Aesop Rock from his 1999 album Appleseed
  • "Odessa", by the Luxembourgian neo-folk act Rome from their 2009 album Flowers From Exile
  • "Odessa", by the Canadian electronic musician Caribou from his 2010 album Swim
  • "Odessa", by Animals as Leaders from their 2011 album Weightless

Other uses[edit]

  • ODESSA, a supposed organisation of former members of the Nazi SS (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen) that most historians say is a myth
  • The Odessa File, a 1972 thriller (and subsequent film) by Frederick Forsyth about a young German reporter uncovering the ODESSA organisation.
  • Typhoon Odessa, of the 1985 Pacific typhoon season
  • Odessa (Wild ARMs 2), a fictional terrorist organisation from the PlayStation role-playing game Wild ARMs 2
  • Little Odessa (film), a 1995 film directed by James Gray
  • Odessa (yacht), a yacht
  • "Odessa", the second episode of the mini-series Heroes Reborn

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