Odessa Bolshevik Uprising

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Odessa January Uprising
Part of Ukrainian-Soviet War
Funeral of victims of clashes of february 1918 in Odessa.jpg
Funeral of victims of clashes of february 1918 in Odessa
Date 27 – 30 January 1918
Location city of Odessa
Result Establishment of Soviet power
Ukrainian People's Republic Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Bolsheviks
Commanders and leaders
Government forces:
Volodymyr Poplavko
Vladimir Yudovsky
Units involved
Haidamakas (City garrison)
Cadets (Odessa War College)
Red Guards
Okhtyrka Hussars Regiment
40th Reserve Regiment
49th Reserve Regiment
Black Sea Fleet
3 ships
armored train
Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:

Odessa Bolshevik Uprising (Ukrainian: Одеське січневе збройне повстання) was a Bolsheviks led uprising of workers and sailors with approaching Red Guards forces of the Soviet Russia.

In December 1917 the 2nd Congress of Rumcherod elected Bolshevik Executive Committee and adapted decision on transferring all power to Soviets. On January 17, 1918 the conference of city's factories committees elected the city's military revolutionary committee (the Committee of 15th) which consisted of following Bolsheviks: Vladimir Yudovsky (chair), P.Starostin, G.Achkanov, Makar Chizhikov and others. The next day in Odessa took place a conference of representatives of 49 enterprises, soldiers and sailors which expressed for establishing of the Soviet regime.

The uprising started on January 27, 1918 and involved formations of local Red Guards, Okhtyrka Hussars Regiment, 40th and 49th reserve regiments, and other units. The insurgents were supported by battleships "Sinop", "Rhostislav" and cruiser "Almaz" where was located headquarters of the uprising and military tribunal. The Black Sea Fleet ships along with the armored train "Zaamurets" were part of the approaching expeditionary force of Muravyov which joined the uprising later. On the first day Red Guards secured headquarters of the Odessa Military District, rail station, post office, banks and other institutions. The next day on January 28, 1918, the local haidamakas were able to free from Bolsheviks the district's headquarters, rail station and post office, but on January 29 the Red Guards and revolutionary soldiers and sailors were able to defeat forces of the Ukrainian People's Republic which on January 30 completely surrendered and in the city was established the Soviet regime.

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