Odessa Botanical Garden

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Odessa Botanical Garden
Odessa Main Botanical garden 044.jpg
Type Botanical Gardens
Location Frantsuzskyi Bulvar, Odessa
Coordinates 46°26′31″N 30°46′08″E / 46.44194°N 30.76889°E / 46.44194; 30.76889Coordinates: 46°26′31″N 30°46′08″E / 46.44194°N 30.76889°E / 46.44194; 30.76889
Created 1842
Operated by Odessa University

Odessa Botanical Garden is a botanical garden in Odessa, Ukraine. It is subordinated to Odessa University and consists of two territories: old territory and new territory.


The Botanical Garden in Odessa was established in 1820, on the initiative of Governor-General Alexander Fedorovich Langeron, an expert in culture of the Sharlem Dessementom rose. In 1834–1848 it was further developed under the lead of Alexander von Nordmann, and a Central School of Gardening with a Department of Sericulture were also established.[1]


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