Odessa Governorate

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Odessa Governorate
Одеська губернія
Governorate of Ukrainian SSR
Coat of Arms of Kherson Governorate.png






Capital Odessa
 •  Split of Kherson Governorate 1920
 •  Moldovan ASSR 1924
 •  abolished (Okruhas of Ukraine) 1 August 1925

Odessa Governorate was a territorial division or gubernia of the Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine) that was created in January 1920 on decision of the All-Ukrainian Revolutionary Committee (Soviet regime). The creation of gubernia occurred during the Kherson Governorate partition when its western part became Odessa Governorate, while its eastern part was eventually renamed into the Mykolaiv Governorate.

The western parts of the Odessa Governorate were later served as a foundation in creating of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1924,[1] while the Mykolaiv Governorate was absorbed and merged with the rest of Odessa Governorate.

In 1925 Odessa Governorate was dissolved during the administrative reform of 1925.


  • Ananyiv Uyezd (1920–21)
  • Balta Uyezd (1920–23)
  • Voznesensk Uyezd
  • Odessa Uyezd
  • Pershomaisk Uyezd
  • Tiraspol Uyezd
former Mykolaiv Governorate
  • Dnieper Uyezd
  • Yelizavetgrad Uyezd
  • Nikolayev Uyezd
  • Kherson Uyezd


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