Odessa Passage

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Odessa Passage
Odesa Preobrazhenska 34.jpg
The total view of the building
General information
AddressPreobrazhenska Street, 34 / Deribasivska Street, 33
Town or cityOdessa
Country Ukraine
Coordinates46°29′02.1″N 30°43′59.39″E / 46.483917°N 30.7331639°E / 46.483917; 30.7331639Coordinates: 46°29′02.1″N 30°43′59.39″E / 46.483917°N 30.7331639°E / 46.483917; 30.7331639

Odessa Passage is a passage and a hotel on Deribasivska Street in the centre of Odessa. It has 4 floors. On the ground floor there are many boutiques and on other 3 floors there is a hotel. Odessa Passage was built at the end of the 19th century and was the best hotel in Southern Russia until the Bristol Hotel was opened.

The inside and exterior of the Passage building are decorated by numerous sculptures. The Passage houses multiple shops, restaurants, offices and the economy hotel “Passage”. Passage is the most picturesque market of Odessa.

Shopping arcade with decorative sculptures