Odessa Pushkin Museum

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Odessa Pushkin Museum

Odessa Pushkin Museum is a museum dedicated to the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in Odessa, Ukraine.[1]


The museum is in an apartment where Pushkin lived in 1823.[1] Pushkin only spent thirteen months in the city. He arrived because he had been exiled from Moscow. Whilst he was here he seems to have enjoyed himself but the local governor was not a plan. Irritated by Pushkin's behaviour he had his mail intercepted. He managed to find passages in letters that supported Atheism and with these he was able to get the Tsar to ban Pushkin from Odessa as well.[2]

The museum displays original manuscripts from Pushkin's writings, and a copy of a page from his book Eugene Onegin.[citation needed] It was opened in June, 1961.


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Coordinates: 46°28′54″N 30°44′35″E / 46.4817°N 30.7431°E / 46.4817; 30.7431