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Tram K-1 in Odessa
Tatra tram in Odessa

As of the middle 2011, trams are one of the basic types of public transportation in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. Odessa is served by 19 regular, and 5 non-regular, tram routes. Electric trams have been operating in Odessa since 1910.[1]

The tram network is laid along mainline streets from the city center, serving as a convenient connection with the more outward neighborhoods of Odessa. System facts are:

  • As of early 2011, Odessa has 210 Tatra T3 tramcars, 106 of them having been modernized.
  • In 2006, К-1 tramcars started to be delivered. They are manufactured on Yuzhmash plant in Dnepropetrovsk. There are also Tatra-Yug trams, manufactured there.
  • For heritage purposes, there is one pseudo-Nievelles retro tram, which was made out of MTV-82 tram.
  • The Odessa Tram Network is served by two depots. One is located near the railway station, the other is located in Slobodka (in the western part of the city). A service tram depot (located near "Tovarnaja" station) used to house some of the passenger service routes 1996, but it now houses only service trams.
  • As of November 2016, the lines in vul Preobrazhenska, vul Tyraspilska, and vul Nizhynska were out of service. A new roundabout at the junction of these lines was being constructed, with excavation to a depth of 1 metre for two blocks either side in vul Preobrazhenska. At the bottom of the trench was being poured slab concrete. Track for the roundabout was being fabricated in situ from straight rails. It is estimated that the work would take several more months.
  • As of November 2016, the track in vul Novoshepnoy Ryad was in poor condition, the asphalt road surface having disappeared where it flanked the Privoz market, pointwork at vul Preobazhenska was in poor condition. Speed of trams in this street was low on account of the exposed rails, and cars and trucks travelling at walking pace over the rough surface.

Route network[edit]

No. Terminals Remarks[2]
1 Luzanovka — "Centrolit" Plant
3 2nd station of Lustdorf Road — Peresyp Bridge One of major routes.
4 Arcadia — Shevchenko Park Introduced in 01.06.2012 with 2 trams in run.
5 Bus Station — Arcadia One of major routes.
6 Peresyp Bridge — Luzanovka Shortcut version of route # 7 (rush hour time only). In run, starting with 9 AM, also used for "yard moves", when route number 1 comes in service out of Depot #2 (Slobodka Tram Depot)
7 Peresyp Bridge — Pausvoksky Street One of major routes.
8 Luzanovka — Paustovky Street Seasonal.
10 Isaac Rabin Street — Tiraspolskaya Square One of Major Routes.
11 Railway Station — Alexeyevskaya Plaza In 2008 it was severely trimmed.
12 Tovarnaya station — Slobodka Market No major changed during its history of existence. Initially this route terminated at Peresyb Bridge, starting with June 1, 2011 was extended, following route cancelled 22.
13 Shkolny living district — Railway Station One of major routes.
15 Slobodka Market — Tiraspolskaya Square Remains unchanged since the moment of first run.
17 Kulikovo Field — 11th station of Fountain Road Short version of route #18.
18 Kulikovo Field — 16th station of Fountain Road One of major routes.
19 Kulikovo Field — Memorial of 411 Battery Has a single track line between 16th station of Fountain Road and Memorial.
20 Peresyp Bridge — Khadzhibay Estuary This line is served by 2-3 cars.
21 Zastava 2 — Tiraspolskaya Square
23 6th station of Fountain Road - Bus station
26 Railway Station — 11th station of Lustdorf Road One of Major Routes.
27 Fishing Port — 11th Station of Lustdorf Road Served by 1-2 cars.
28 Shevchenko Park — Pasteur Street Passed along original Port Franko line.
31 Lustdorf — Railway Station Used to be route 29

Additional routes[edit]

2nd station of Lustdorf Road- Tiraspolskaya Square.

2nd station of Lustdorf Road — Railway station

Closed routes and phantom routes (after 1990)[edit]

2 Peresyp Bridge — Railway Station

  • Used in evening to supplement shortcut runs of route 3. Present of official maps

4 Zastava 2 — Shevchenko Park

  • cancelled in 2005, tracks are demolished, and trolleybus # 2 runs on its way along Uspenskaya Street.

9 "Centrolit" plant — Peresyp Bridge

  • cancelled in 1997, was included in routes № 1,6,7,8.

14 Isaac Rabin Street — Railway Station

  • Was introduced to supplement route № 10, in 2000 was no longer needed. Used only for yard moves of Route 10 and sometimes operates during rush hour time. Present on official maps.

16 Kulikovo field - 6th station of Fountain Road

22 Slobodka market — Peresyp bridge

29 Lustdorf — 11th station of Lustdorf Road For a long time, used to be what's now known as route 31.

30 Ivanovskiy VIaduct — Peresyp Bridge

  • Closed in 2008 due to construction of the North-South auto mainline, which implied the roadway expansion. The construction of the Auto mainline was not completed due toa couple of reasons. Tram route 30 was replaced by 30A bus route. Since this route is served by 2 buses only, almost no one uses it.


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