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Odetta (Everest album) cover.jpg
Compilation album by Odetta
Released 1963
Recorded 1956-63
Genre Folk, blues, country blues
Label Everest
Producer Various - Dean Gitter ("Ballads & Blues"), et al.
Odetta chronology
Odetta Sings Folk Songs
It's a Mighty World
Odetta compilations chronology
The Best of Odetta

Odetta is a 1963 compilation album by American folk singer Odetta. Odetta is the first official compilation of Odetta songs. It features songs from The Tin Angel, Odetta Sings Ballads and Blues, At the Gate of Horn and Odetta At Town Hall although not necessarily versions from those albums.

It had a poorer reputation than the above-mentioned original albums, being seen as thrown-together by the label. This LP has subsequently not been released on CD like those three albums. As a result, this album is rarer than most Odetta releases; the album is sometimes quoted as being released on "01-01-63", but this is probably not true, and rather a result of computer-automation on one music website which led to others quoting it as fact.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

Side A:

  1. "Greensleeves" (Traditional)
  2. "Midnight Special" (Traditional)
  3. "Easy Rider" (Traditional)
  4. "Alabama Bound" (Lead Belly)
  5. "Spiritual Trilogy":
    1. "Oh, Freedom" (Traditional)
    2. "Come and Go with Me" (Traditional)
    3. "I'm on My Way'" (Traditional)

Side B:

  1. "Timber" (Sam Gary)
  2. "Deep River" (Traditional)
  3. "Chilly Winds" (Traditional)
  4. "Santy Anno" (Traditional)
  5. "Jack o' Diamonds" (Traditional)
  6. "Deep Blue Sea"(Traditional)

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