Odo II, Count of Troyes

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Odo (or Eudes) II was the Count of Troyes in 876. He was a son of Odo I and Wandilmodis.

Little is known of this count. His father had the county of Troyes confiscated by Charles the Bald in 858, but whether he recovered it (circa 866) is uncertain, as are the circumstances of Odo's appointment. He may have inherited it from his father or been nominated by the king. He inherited some possessions in the region of Châteaudun and some historians have retrospectively called him "Count of Châteaudun."

By a charter dated 25 October 876, Charles the Bald ceded Chaource, in Tonnerre, to Robert and Odo. Robert was probably Odo's brother and successor.

Preceded by
Odo I
Count of Troyes
Succeeded by
Robert I